Level 456

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Class deadzone

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Photo taken of the wasteland by an unknown photographer.

Level 456 is the 457th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 3/01/2003.


Level 456 is a large empty radioactive wasteland covered in rocks. This level has a big amount of radioactivity so It's advised you bring a hazmat suit with you and a gas mask If you want to enter this level and wanderers should avoid this level at all costs. Everyone that goes to this level spawns in the center of the level so It's advised to run from the center immediately because It has the most amount of radioactivity.


A photo of The Construction Site in progress of building. It is abandoned as of 5/07/2012

The Construction Site

If you go far enough from the middle you will find The Construction Site with some supplies in the buildings like Almond Water. It was abandoned as of 5/07/2012 because of The Bandits attack. For more info read "The Construction Site Incident".

The Construction Site Incident

The Construction Site Incident happend on 22th April 2007. In this incident The Bandits attacked The Construction Site and killed everyone who was in The Construction Site. The Bandits won the war and captured The Construction Site. After 7 months The Bandits abandoned The Construction Site.


A photo of one of the hangars taken by a wanderer.

The Hangars

The Hangars can be found in The Construction Site. In most of the hangars you can find old broken PC monitors but rarely you can find some food and Almond Water. It isn't advisied to come here too often because there can be Bandits wandering in the hangars.


Photo taken of the M.E.G building by a M.E.G member.

The M.E.G Offensive Base Building

When going in the north direction of The Construction Site you can find the M.E.G Offensive Base Building. It is guarded by 5 M.E.G Guards. In the building you can find [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. It is not advised to try to sneak into the building because there is a chance a M.E.G Guard will shoot you.


A photo taken of The Town by one of M.E.G explorers.

The Town

The Town is a small town with around 50 residents. In some of the abandoned houses you can find fighting gear or gas masks and hazmat suits.


In this level you can find only The Bandits.


Photo taken of a Bandit after he was captured by M.E.G


A photo taken of a Bandit in a car.

The Bandits

The Bandits are the most dangerous entity on this level. They typically have multiple outposts in the center of The Wasteland. It is not advised to fight them unless you have an armor or a rifle.
Most of these Bandits look like they wear black masks with a black hoodie. Their guns range from Desert Eagles to Sniper Rifles or AK47's and their armor can range from light armor to a heavy armor.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The M.E.G Offensive Base

  • Has around 30 members.
  • Are friendly unless you enter the building without acces.
  • They have the most [REDACTED] in the base.

The Radioactive People

  • Has around 50 members
  • Are friendly to wanderers.
  • Can be traded with.
  • Have a supplies of gas masks and hazmat suits.

The Bandit Outpost

  • Has around 65 members.
  • Aren't friendly to wanderers.
  • Cannot be traded with unless you have something valuable.
  • Can't be messed with.

Entrances And Exits


Touch anything that has a radioactive symbol on it.

Enter a nuclear plant on Level 11.

In Level 645 go trough the door you exited Level 456.


Go trough a metallic door in a hangar.

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