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Level 455 is the 456th level of the Backrooms..


Level 455 is a modern-day house with a pristine monochrome interior in all of its seven different rooms. To be more specific, the walls throughout the rooms of the house are made of thin, smooth concrete and the floors are made from a few different materials. In upstairs of the house, the floors are mostly carpeted excluding the bathroom which has marble tiled floors. On most of the main floor and the basement of Level 455, the floors are made from smooth wooden planks, the exception to this is the bathroom on the main floor, which is made from the same marble floors as the upstairs bathroom.

The layout of Level 455 is that of an advanced modern household. On the main floor is a kitchen, which contains an oven and stove, a fridge, a pantry, and cupboards containing cutlery and dishes. This kitchen branches directly into the living room which contains a large couch and a flat-screen TV, this TV will play programs from the Frontrooms when connected to a proper wifi signal. Another notable feature of the living room is that it has a large window next to the front door of the house which shows one of these two images: the wheat fields of Level 10, or the streets of Level 9, it isn’t known whether this is a direct view of the levels or not because no one has witnessed anything that would prove so. To the left of the living room is a small bathroom, this bathroom doesn’t have a shower and has a glass mirror which is located above a sink. Opposite to the bathroom and to the right side of the living room/kitchen is a set of stairs, one leads to the basement and the other leads upstairs.

The basement of Level 455 is a storage room containing many boxes scattered throughout it, Wanderers report that one can occasionally find Almond Water in these boxes. The basement also contains a secret room, which is placed in the farthest right corner from the stairs. The entrance to this room is obscured behind a pile of boxes and is accessible by sliding the wall to the right, this reveals a small secret room which contains 2 “dolls” consisting of crudely put together body parts of different wanderers, taking the appearance of a young girl and a grown woman. It is speculated that these corpses have been put together by the level’s exclusive entity “The Owner” due to sightings of him interacting with the corpses during some of the level’s phases.

The top floor of Level 455 contains a master bedroom, a completed bathroom branching off from the master bedroom, and another room down the hall from the master bedroom. The room down the hall from the master bedroom has pink walls, and small toys scattered throughout it. The master bedroom itself has a dresser on the far left side of the room opposite of the bed, this dresser has a flatscreen TV on it which also plays TV programs from the Frontrooms. The room is notably very open and large, taking up most of the space in the upstairs level of the house. The bathroom inside of the master bedroom is next to the bed, and is directly above the kitchen, it contains a mirror, a large shower and bath, and a cupboard below the sink for storing cleaning supplies.

Level 455 has multiple phases that it goes through during its day/night cycle.

The Owner


The Owner is an exclusive entity for Level 455. He is a humanoid creature that appears to have malicious intent, and is only present in Level 455.


The Owner has a hostile form of behaviour towards wanderers, intentionally scaring those who are unfortunate enough to come across him. Some wanderers who have been in the level around 8AM, said that they saw The Owner hiding the key to the level, leading many to believe that he owns the level, hence his name. He can easily sneak up on a wanderer if they aren’t careful, appearing out of nowhere at any given time. He reacts to any emotional responses from wanderers and will start to appear more often if it results in more responses. If a wanderer tries speaking to The Owner, The Owner will attempt to scare them more than he previously did. During Phase C, The Owner tends to appear from seemingly nowhere, popping up at any place at any given time. In Phase D, he will physically harm wanderers by the method of strangulation. The Owner has been seen with a smile on his face on a few separate occasions, proving that his intentions are sadistic. It is speculated that he creates “dolls” out of the people who die on this level as he was seen placing the said “dolls” in the bedrooms. There isn’t much more known about the behaviours of The Owner as many who see him die shortly after.


The Owner takes the appearance of a tall humanoid wearing a black trench coat. He has an estimated height of 7 to 8 feet, and has long, lanky arms and legs, but doesn’t have any determined facial features due to the fact that wanderers have only had a glimpse of him at a time.


The Owner was first discovered on Level 455 when a wanderer stayed in the level until Phase C. This wanderer didn’t survive, but he did manage to send out a message describing The Owner’s existence on the level.

Hey, did anyone receive those messages I sent before? There’s this large entity on this level i’m at… I think it was Level 455. He definitely isn’t something I’ve heard of before, and there are entities everywhere in here… To whoever receives this…goodbye.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay as far away as possible from The Owner.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings as he can sneak up on you easily.


  • Interact with The Owner in any way (trying to touch him, befriend him, negotiate with him).
  • Show emotions to the entity.

Entrances And Exits


Enter an abnormally modern house from Level 10 that looks to be out of place with its environment.


The only recorded exit to this level is by finding a golden key hidden in one of the bedrooms. The key is very well hidden, places it has been found have been rather bizarre but contained some sort of glaring hint towards them. You can use this key on the front door of the house and it will allow you to exit into Level 9.

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