Level -447 - "The Hydrain City"
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Class habitable

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  • Anomalous/Mysterious Properties

This is the 1st ever photo of the levels streets

Level -447 is an enigmatic Level of the Backrooms.


Level Hydra is a city but it is illuminated by a dark fog that varies on the time at day the fog is blue at night it is black. and the level has 5 sub levels that are attached to the level the level was discovered when two wanderers named logan and matthew walked deeper into level 10 and somehow clipped into the ground and woke up on the sidewalk wile two entity's (Walkers) Greeted them and seemed concerned and asked if they were okay! and they brought them to a safe place for them to recover. once they recovered they went and took a photo of the level and sent it to M.E.G and they sent out some members to explore and discovered a sub-level. Called -447.4 and is safe to live there

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Meg Base Code Black

  • Friendly
  • Willing to trade
  • Has 200 Members
  • Not accepting new members


The only entity on this level are walkers and they are frendly

Entrances And Exits


  • On Level 10 walk far out of the zones to be no-clipped into the ground to wake up here
  • On Level 9 no-clipp into a house to be sent here


  • Go into a sewer to be sent to level -447.3
  • Swimming to an island with an erupting volcano will send you to level -447.2
  • Walk into a car tunnel will send you to level -447.4
  • Going into a office building will send you to level 0 or 4

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