Level 422
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Class Conquered

  • Bounded
  • Rare Resources
  • Civilized Entity Infestation


Level 422 is secluded and bounded off Level Isolated from all other classes, with no alternate entrances or exits other than what is provided by co-overlords or the Head Overlord. Level-422 has a sort of Societal Hierarchy that is nigh-feudalistic, with the more powerful beings, known as co-overlords, ruling over other classes. Metropolitan towns linked by rail lines or massive futuristic green-house plantation villages comprise the bulk of Level 422. During the winter, most towns have underground sections for protection. Many echoes of earlier cultural systems may be seen in Imperial culture as a whole and outlying regions.

  1. Head Overlord
  2. Co-Overlords
  3. Warriors
  4. Merchants and landowners
  5. Commoners, Peasants, and Servants
  6. Outcasts

With co-overlords taking control over portions of the Caste System:

  • Azazel (Manages the Outcasts.)
  • Sun Wu Kong (Manages the Warrior Class.)
  • Queen MaB (Manages the Merchants and Landowners.)
  • Mephisto Faustus (Manages the Commoners, Peasants, and Servants.)

Sublayers can even be added to Level-422 whenever a co-overlord clears a regular Level of infestation, communities, or other dwelling residents. This is always so that the Official Habitants, not the Outcasts, have first spoils or the lands. The Battle Tower can make outcasts official citizens through negotiation with the Co-Overlord, where they must obey all specific requirements listed in a Treaty of Alliance, Truce, or Surrender.

While Entities/Persons from outside of Level-422 are considered outcasts, it is possible to get to the top of the hierarchy by hard effort or other available techniques in Level-420. For example, a low-ranking member may challenge and fight for resources and territory. Because of its ecological land mine, the riskiest areas of Level-422 are in high demand, including the Fountains of Youth Hot springs, the food-based layers1, and a limitless pharmacy that creates and manufactures medication for any condition, and many more.

One way for outcasts to rise the hierarchy is at the Tower of Infinity. A Battle Tower, it was put there, according to the Tower Keeper and co-overlord, Sun Wu Kong, to satisfy the Tower's prisoner's lust for combat when it woke up. It's a game of sorts that can spawn limitless amounts of foes. Now since the prisoner has left, Sun has been able to open the Tower up for business with their direct permission. Troops and arms are prepared in space, and thousands or tens of thousands of these areas are stacked on top of the other, simulating any and all levels of the Backrooms - until even the most enthusiastic combatant will be satisfied at least go on fighting for all time.

The most significant concentration of entities may be found in this area, which is why so many people go here to test their powers and perfect their skills. While this is the case, even hostile entities like the neighborhood watch or the Doll Maker are subordinate to the Tower Keepers because of their ultimate authority and power, including the ability to "boot" (Kick out.) or murder any being inside the level or levels sub-layers. Overlords and even some Warriors have a signature ability to even train any backroom entities due to their rise through the Caste System. Due to both the nature of the Level and the difficulty in accessing it. All entry and exit to Level 422 are to be regulated by M.E.G. Stations, located on both sides of the transition zone.

There is even a police force, Fire Force, and Paramedics system.

The average battle tower session earns 500 Battle credits equal 250 Jewels. Combatants may utilize Battle Credits to improve their weapons and armor while in the Tower. Even a certain training level or citizenship2 may be purchased with enough B.C. to exchange for Jewels or Crowns. Crown, the official paper money, is equal to one hundred Jewels, the currency's coin equivalent. Crowns are available in several denominations ranging from 1 to 10,000, with Jewel denominations ranging from 10 to 1000 in face value.

During the summer months, agriculture is carried out through a complex series of irrigation canals and large plantations, taking advantage of glacial melts and Layers of High Vegetation concentration. The average summer temperature is approximately 25° C (80° F), with winter temperatures reaching 3° C ( 37.4 F). The cause of this temperature, and the implications on the rest of the levels' uniformed climate, are regulated by The Weather Control System. It seems that the Overlords have placed at least a dozen devices underneath the seven continents. Nobility and residents alike may sleep well at night owing to their efforts, which keep the temperature and humidity levels just right all year round, at least. To control the weather by remote control in "sunlight mode," technidroids focused it into a tight beam. The temperature can be adjusted, raising the beam to twenty thousand degrees. Androtechnicians can also use the device to make it rain or snow.

The Level 420's Empire's technology level is roughly several Eight-Hundred years above the 20th-century Baseline, with certain exceptions. Nuclear, geothermal, and solar power are more prevalent energy sources than fossil fuels, while transportation and aerospace technologies lag behind the Six-Hundred year baseline only by 250 years.

Average modes of transportation for official residents are listed below. The Military Bureau of Level 422, run by Sun Wu Kong, developed a dimensional cutter used by the Level to warp space within the field and disrupt it long enough for others the fleet to breach other levels. It is a built-in function in all 422 vehicles and cease this operation function when out of bounds of the Empire or not in use by an official Resident. Though most official residents probably have a means of doing it using a pocket dimension, magic, or other technology.

Outposts and Community Resources.

Training Area 25

  • A M.E.G Transition zone inside of Level-422.
  • Is used to test out new equipment in combat. It uses Live Image Technology that is similar to a holographic image but more advanced. It makes weapons created from light images into reality with authentic moving parts and made of the same dense materials and metals an everyday object or weapon, or even person would be made of.
  • Houses over 10,000 M.E.G Refugees are looking for citizenship.
  • Only 3,400 on average attain this title every year.

Transport Station.

  • In a series of Sparks, Sixteen platforms generate distinct oscillating light rings of color that rise and fade, referring to the specific sublayer they transfer people or entities. One may find a teleportation station or a Transfer Gazebo on every level's sub-layer. Certain groups of level 422 cannot be accessed, mainly for the safety of the Levels Official occupants, who may do so without restriction if they have a unique mark imprinted on them that serves as a kind of identification and proof of citizenship. Other Outcast access to these sub-layers is completely barred.
  • Most stations also sell survival kits for specific sublayers.

Grigori General Hospital

  • The HQ of all 120,000 Andronurses of Level 422 or regional clinics. Many in the Official citizens have developed super scientific methods in the area of Genetics and Medicine, even developing Bio-Men, beast, and crops across the Frontier. Medicine is generated for each specific individual using a Genetic Code Analyzer.
  • Which can aid in reading the genetic structure and displaying the event encoded into their very DNA in the subject's memories, but also diagnose from those experiences. It is also equipped with a fully functioning artificial intelligence that can take voice commands and infer and respond to different lines of questioning on the original subject like a normal being of high intelligence could. It uses VR to display the characters found in one's DNA, known as the particles of creation.
  • One can also use this method to retrieve any lost memories. Price: 40,300 Crowns for the entire treatment regiment.
  • Healthcare is free for official habitants, but Outcasts must pay regular price including all fees.
  • They are capable of creating Bio-Enhanced prosthetics,4 that are always up to date on the spot were more powerful than the ones he lost. Quickly attaching them even with out effort.

Sheriff's Office.

  • The headquarters of the Level 422 Combat Police Unit's Androslodiers, who are mechanical troops, may be found here. It seems that every one of the 460,000 members of the force is well-trained, smart, and capable of taking part in any form of combat. Every sub-layer has between 10,000 and 5,000 Androsoldiers standing by to help in an emergency.
  • There is at least one outpost on every sub-level.

Sunny Sundae Bank

  • The Bank System of level 422 is a multiple faceted industry that provides a bulk of Level 422s Each bank comes with an employment center to expand commerce and employment opportunities. T
  • They are recognizable as they are in the Shape of a giant cupcake or a giant cake.
  • There are over 470,135 ATMs in the in the backrooms, with 191,741 bank-owned and 278,394 independent.

Entrances And Exits


Must receive an invitation or pass by the Levels Head Overlord5 Using the Key-under-the-rug survival method (Azazels Blessing.) for private sessions when level is closed, or entering only when level is open. Various doors appear and disappear on all levels in set locations give entry to The Tower of Infinity at certain time frames.

Mainly from 7:30 am and 11:00 pm respectively.


Any individual or thing may depart in the same way that they enter. However, they must leave between 7:30 or 11:00pm of risk being booted out or destroyed if needed.

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