Level 402
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Class 5

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A photo of Level 400

Level 402 is the 403rd Level of the Backrooms.


Level 402 is the same as Level 11 in size and structure but gives a more industrial vibe to it. It replicates a real life city named Sheffield. It consists of factories, corner shops, fast food restaurants and other buildings that quite familiar to a wanderer. Unlike Level 11, this level is infested with entities: Smilers, Skin-stealers, Hounds, Skin-givers. Others have reported Bone Thieves and Death Moths but these two entities are quite rare to encounter. The buildings in Level 402 have mysterious properties to them. When not looked at, they move in random directions. Level 402 is not infinite, it's only around 123kmĀ² in size, which is how big Sheffield is in real life. There are plenty of water features on this level that contain Almond Water, however it is best advised not to consume this Almond Water as it contains toxic chemicals that can potentially harm or even kill you.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Steelworkers

  • Neutral but become hostile when attacked
  • Has a population of around 40 members
  • They are willing to trade if the wanderer has brought Almond Water or Lucky O' Milk.
  • They have a very strong hate against Smilers

The Shopkeepers

  • Friendly
  • Willing to trade
  • Has a population of around 15 members
  • This group has a good reputation of providing lots of food and water for travelling wanderers

Entrances And Exits


Here a few ways to enter this level:

  • There is a painting of a factory that you can no-clip through on Level 11.
  • Walking non stop into the darkness of Level 399 will take you here.
  • Managing to burst one of the pipes in Level 2 will have a 25% chance of you teleporting here. Do not attempt this.
  • Saying the word "Steel" will have a 0.001% chance of teleporting you here. Some say it's not worth it as this is a dangerous level.


  • There are serviceable Trams and Buses on this level and they can take you to any even level below Level 300.
  • Cursing on this level will have a 100% chance of teleporting you to Level !. Do not attempt this.
  • Killing a Smiler will obviously send you to Level Frown, however it is not recommended to do this.
  • Jumping into any river on this level will no-clip you to Level 4000, Level 7 or Level 37 (aka the Poolrooms)

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