Class 4

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Medium Entity Count

Level -4.5 also known as "The Carpet Of DEATH", is the 3rd negative level of the backrooms.


Level -4.5 is an isolated room, the carpet somewhat being similar to level 0, moist and rotten. The walls are also extremely damp, so it becomes hard to breathe.

The carpet is full of carpet fluid, and puddles of liquid pain. This will drive you insane while exploring the level, the liquid pain also making the level deadly. Most wanderers who entered into this level, have never made it out.

There is lack of light source in this level, flashlights do work, but because the level is so dark, it's recommended to only use a really strong one. You can find the occasional fluorescent light above a door, usually dim or flickering.

The carpet also has sinking properties, this may be controlled by an entity, because it seems to "choose" times when it does this.

There is a few entities that roam the level, this includes: Skin Stealers, Smilers, Clumps, and Hounds. This is due to the levels dark and moist environment. Resources like Almond Water can be found here, but it's usually very rare, resources may not be safe to touch, as liquid pain could be spread on them.

The level is estimated to be about 5,000,000 miles long, the room also has rows of doors. These doors can lead to other sections of the level, or different levels.

This level also has its own entity, called the "Carpet Monster", these are puddles of liquid pain that have somehow merged into a living organism. These will chase you and are very dangerous, if you managed to escape but it touched you, you can drink almond water to try and reverse the affects. This isn't confirmed to work 100% of the time, and symptoms usually kick in after a couple hours, these symptoms luckily only affect you on dark levels, the poison from the Carpet Monster can only thrive in dark environments.

Bases, Outposts, & Communities:

Due to the levels environment, it is impossible to have them. Some have tried, but failed.

Entrances & Exits:


Most people don't know how they end up here, as the level seems to "wipe" your memory of all the levels you have previously been to and how you entered, but it is possible to noclip to this level through a wall in level 3.


You can noclip through the floor into level -2, or find a door in the room labelled "Exit", there is only one of these in the whole level, this will also lead you to a safer level.

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