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Class 4B - Biohazard

  • Unsafe
  • Overgrown
  • Major Biological Hazard

Image of the tunnels in Level 374.

Level 374 or the Overgrowth is the 375th level of the Backrooms. It is a winding overgrown train tunnel.


Level 374 is a singular, extensive concrete tunnel that stretches for approximately 1250 kilometers/776 miles.

The entire level is lit by a large florescent light that hangs in the middle of the "tunnel's" ceiling. The temperature of the level remains at a consistent temperature of 80°F, making the environment slightly uncomfortable but not lethal.

The Overgrowth is abundant in plant life. With the majority of the walls and floor being completely covered in an array of various mosses, vines, bushes and even a few plants native to Level 374.

Upon venturing into the tunnels, Wanderers are likely to stumble across an abandoned bullet train. All windows on the train are blacked out, and those which aren't are traps and should be treated with caution. It is possible to find an open door on the train which, if entered, will lead to Level 34.

Interestingly, the train appears to still have power, as the sign at the front of the train still glows brightly, along with the train intercom's automatic boarding message playing every 5 minutes.

The Maintenance Tunnels


Image of the Maintenance Tunnels in Level 374.

Although extremely rare, blue and red doors can be found along the sides of the tunnel. These doors, if entered, will lead to the track's maintenance tunnel. The maintenance tunnel is a long, dimly lit corridor that stretches underneath the tracks of Level 374.

Wires and pipes can be found running along the ceiling and walls of the tunnels. Making contact with the pipes is extremely discouraged due to their extreme heat - doing so may lead to second-degree burns. Despite their normal appearance, they are unable to be damaged or punctured in any way. The material used for these pipes, a combination of copper and galvanized steel, aren't abnormal by themselves and when separated they lose their abnormal qualities—only when connected to the pipes do these indestructible properties manifest. Due to this it is currently unknown what liquids, if any, are being transported by these pipes.

Scattered along the tunnels are crates of old pipes, tools and machine parts. On rare occasions, objects such as canned food, almond water and firesalt may also be present—though reports of this occurring are very infrequent. Similar to Level 1, these crates appear and disappear randomly.

Occasionally, another hallway can be found branching off from the main maintenance tunnel. It is not recommended to go down these side corridors/halls, as they can lead to Level 141 or the boiler room on Level 5.

The Aralien Flower


Image of an Aralien Flower

The most abundant of the plants in Level 374 is the Aralien Flower. Visually the Aralien Flower is a large white and pink flower, similar to a sunflower. The length of the flower stems can vary greatly: from 1 foot/ft. to almost 35 feet/ft. in height. They are most often found in areas from 7 to 8 stems growing in clusters.

What makes the Aralien Flower so special is the unique properties of its pollen. If inhaled, the pollen induces a calm and relaxed feeling that lasts up to an hour after being inhaled. The pollen also helps reduce feelings of stress, fear and anger.

However, it is advised to not inhale the pollen for a prolonged period of time. If exposed to the pollen for a period longer than 4 hours, Wanderers will start to gain an addiction to it.

Continual exposure to the pollen after this point will cause the addiction strengthen until the point where a Wanderer becomes dependent on it. Once a Wanderer has developed a dependency, the calming properties of the pollen will reach a maximum and stop increasing, allowing a Wanderer's body to build an immunity to the effects. This will often cause a Wanderer to go into a withdrawal, in which they will attempt to consume a flower in order to cope. Doing this will allow the spores of the Aralien flower to enter a Wanderer's body, which starts a process called Aralien Growth.

Aralien Growth

Aralien growth is a process that is extremely similar to the process Ophiocordyceps goes through with ants.

Once the spores of an Aralien Flower have entered its victim, it will slowly take full control of their body. Controlling it like a puppet in order to spread its spores further into the level.

There are three phases to Aralien growth. Phase one is the infection phase. Phase two is the relocation phase. Phase three is the decomposition phase. Similar to the Wretched cycle, once the Aralien Growth process starts, there is no way of stopping it.

  • Phase One - Infection Phase

Once an Aralien spore has entered its victim's body, it will quickly make its way to the brain and attach itself. Once it has attached itself to its victim's brain, small vines will start to sprout from the spore and slowly spread throughout the rest of the body. By the end of phase one, the spore will have fully spread through its victim, gaining complete control over their mind and body.

  • Phase Two - Relocation Phase

Once the spore has control of its victims body, it will seek out an area within Level 374 that contains a minimal amount of Aralien flowers in order to start phase three. It is unknown how it is able to locate these areas, but it is assumed that the plants share some sort of connected hivemind.

  • Phase Three - Decomposition Phase

Once it has chosen a desirable location, the victim's body will start to rapidly decompose. Once the process of decomposition is completed, the spores will begin to grow out of what remains, eventually sprouting into a patch of 7-8 Aralien Flowers.

The Lux-Shroom


Image of Lux-Shrooms.

Lux-Shrooms are small mushrooms that grow along the ceiling of the tunnel. They can be found in various colors, with the most common being blue and pink.

Lux-Shrooms contain a unique chemical compound that gives them a natural bio-luminescent glow. If a Lux-Shroom is removed from the tunnel's ceiling, it's glowing effect will slowly start to dwindle as the plant slowly dies.

The bio-luminescent property of the Lux-Shroom can be harnessed. Grinding up a Lux-Shroom before it fully dies and mixing it with almond water and firesalt will create a liquid that will continue to glow indefinitely. Since the liquid does not require any energy or air to continue to produce light, it is better than any electronic or fire-based light sources.


No entities currently reside in Level 374. It is thought that there once were entities within Level 374, but were eradicated by the Aralien flower.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost "Psi":

Outpost "Psi" is currently the only outpost located within the maintenance tunnels of Level 374. It was established by M.E.G on the 24th of March 2021 in order to conduct experiments relating to the native plants located within Level 374. There are currently 33 M.E.G. operatives at the Outpost "Psi".

The Outpost was originally constructed within the main tunnel of Level 374, but after the effects of the Aralien Flower became apparent, the Outpost was relocated to the maintenance tunnels.

Entrances and Exits


  • Entering a jet black door in the 2002 part of Level 61 will lead to Level 374.
  • Entering a jet-black door in the brown section of Level 77 will lead to Level 374.
  • Entering a blue or red door at the side of the tunnel in Level 72 will lead to the maintenance tunnel.


  • Entering an open door on the bullet train will lead to Level 34.
  • Walking down a side hall in the maintenance tunnel will lead to either Level 141 or the boiler room of Level 5.
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