Level 370


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Level 370, commonly referred to as the Poolrooms, is an expansive complex of interconnected rooms and corridors slightly submerged in undulating, lukewarm water. Each area of the level varies greatly in size and structure, ranging from uniform pools and hallways to more open, abnormally-shaped areas. The walls, ceilings, and floors of the level all appear to be constructed from the same white ceramic tile, with the only deviation from this color being the blue-green hue of the water.

The architecture of Level 37 is varied, but strict in nature; it is eerily pristine, and does not deviate from an orderly evenness. Although the intended purpose of each area is difficult to ascertain, they are much too large to properly serve the function of a pool. The abnormality of Level 37's geometry nullifies any purported purpose it might serve; pillars protrude out of the water in certain areas, much too large in quantity to justify their amount; larger submerged areas lack a ledge to climb out of the water where one would typically be expected; light is cast from irregular angles, leaving some areas completely cast in darkness; and staircases descend directly into deep pits of water, possibly giving the impression that the water was not originally present. Entrances to these deep areas are typically found in the form of descending staircases or direct underwater holes. It is strictly advised to avoid exploring these areas due to their inherent danger, being that they are completely devoid of light and thus have unmapped terrain. Without the proper equipment, one could easily get lost or even drown in the level’s depths.
Tunnels Another image of Level 370

The temperature of the water is strangely consistent; even in the dark areas of the level where no light reaches, the water is still noticeably lukewarm. Upon investigation, traces of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) have been found in the water of Level 37. This compound, when engulfing one’s body for an extended period of time, has a naturally relaxing effect, relieving muscles and other bodily pains in most areas. Along with this, traces of multiple unknown compounds were also found present in the water. The properties of these substances remain enigmatic, but it is suspected that they add to the relieving effects of the water, which has been declared anomalous itself.

By unknown means, a minimal and constant rippling is present in the water covering Level 37, despite it being undisturbed. It is not known whether this rippling originates from a certain point in the level, or if it is a property inherent in the water itself, though some wanderers theorize the level may be so large that it has developed its own tidal forces.

Sound is severely altered in Level 37. Wanderers are affected in various ways, the most commonly reported effects being all noise dropping off quickly, not echoing as it normally would, and feeling "muted" or "dampened". It is suspected that this primarily stems from the sound of the water, which behaves in a subtly unorthodox manner. In certain explorations, the sound of the water is reported to be quiet, almost calming, whilst in rarer cases, it quickly becomes obtrusive and drowns out other sounds. The cause of the water's subjective effects is still undergoing research, though it is theorized that the differing effects may result from one's life or history.


Submerging oneself in the waters of Level 58 and Level 119 may lead to one reemerging in this level;
Porcelain-tiled areas of Level 233 infrequently lead to this level;
In rare circumstances, underwater areas of Level 130 may act as entrances to this level.

Immersing oneself in the water of Level 370 may cause reemergence in the pools of Level 130;
Enclosed, dark tunnels in this level may lead to Level 43;
Corridors in Level 370 can rarely lead to similar corridors in Level 233.

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