Level -35

“Rendering in progress”


Class 0

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The camera seems altered by the nature of the level

Not much is known about -35’s nature. The level hasn’t been explored often due to the fact that it can be only acessed through flinging. The level itself takes the appearence of a “city” near low hills. The level contains a highway a few identical buildings that are placed near each other alongside the highway. Upon entring the buildings, you will be hit by a sudden sensation of stress, feeling like your heart is getting lighter. The interior of the buildings is “anomalous” as an explorer describes it. The buildings have infinite staircases, even if they measure about 40 meters. Some rooms are bigger than they are supposed to be and for some instances, entering the building leads you back outside, infront of the same building. About 20 acres of the level are accesible, before the wanderer is met with an invisible barrier.


There are no entities discovered on the level yet since there are very few official explorations of level -35. However, look out for anomalies. These are for example the infinite staircases or the non-linear building entrance. These are very likely to send you to a glitchy/negative level.

Colonies and outposts

Due to the lack of wanderers, level -35 is deserted of settlements for wanderers. However, making one is also dangerous due to the strange phenomenons that can happen. Still, M.E.G is planning to use this level as a sort of “playground” to expand the boundaries of noclipping since “level -35 can hide more knowledge than we think.”

-M.E.G ressearcher


There are several scenarios that can occur if you happen to be in this level. Here are some tips.

» If you enter a door and you see a different place on the other side, close the door and reopen it. It will come back to normal. Do not enter it since it could be the entrance to another level.

» If you are stuck in a non-eucledian space, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NOCLIP.
Noclipping could possibly make the level collapse. There are several theories about noclipping in these mathematically impossible spaces but it’s not recommended to try it, period.

Entrances and exits


You can fling yourself from any level and enter level -35. Simply jump on top of a clipping object. It’s easy to recognise one since it will abnormally spasm and you will then either noclip or get flung. Watch out since you can die from the landing


You can safely exit the level by noclipping trough the invisible barrier surrounding the level. That will send you to level -30.
You can also do it by taking advantage of the anomalies and phenomenons but that may lead you to somewhere worse.

Informations provided by veterans of the level and researchers.

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