Level 347

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Class 1e - Environmental

  • Safe and Secure
  • Potentially Habitable
  • Environmental Hazards

Level 347 is the 348th level of the backrooms.


Level 347 appears to be a large amusement park. It is large enough that the M.E.G. has theorized that it is liminal. There are many recreation facilities in the level, appears same as the frontrooms, most of them are red and useable. Examples of the recreation facilities are roller coasters, ferris wheels, swings and so on. They electricity source that activates the recreation is currently not discovered. Most of the facilities are working continuously. There will be a lot of goods inside the facility, such like Almond Water, Royal Rations, and Fire Salt.

When you first enter Level 347, you'll appear at the center of the amusement park. The time of the level is constant at 3 p.m.. Additionally, the temperature is fixed at 22 degrees Celsius.

It should be noticed that, there is a shop near the big rabbit sculpture. Wanderers can find goods in the shop, such as Almond Water, Royal Rations, Squirt Gun and more. Also, there is clear bottled water that can be drinked safely that are sold in the shop. There is an entity that appears to be a dolphin toy on the table of the shop, known as The Cashier. When wanderers take the goods out of the shop, it will ask the wanderers to pay Candy as money. However, if wanderers tried to have goods inside the shop or take the goods out without paying, they will disappear and turn to one Hazardous Waste. Other than checking out, The Cashier will stay on the table without a movement.

There'll be some random environmental hazard in the level. Here's the list that're reported:

  • An electronic leakage, especially in the facilities that're not red. Causing serious injury.
  • A random MegaDrop leading you to the sky, the safety belt disappears. Causing death.
  • A particular roller coaster, remaining grey, was designed to be a "suicide roller coaster". Wanderers will get a brain hypoxia caused by the overspeed of the roller coaster. Causing serious injury or death.

All of the environmental hazard type mentioned above can be avoided by not taking the facilities.

  • Other slient environmental hazards. For example, a rock on the ground, the falling tree branches or get hurt by a book flying. These hazards will occur much more often that those mentioned above, and they cannot be avoided. However, they can only cause a small injury.

The level seems to possess a self-protecting machanism. All the attempts to damage the level, such as digging the ground or drawing on the facilities in order to change it's color all ended in failure. Also, there are no discovered entity in this level except The Cashier.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no bases, outposts and communities in this level, but this level has been proved to be suitable for human existence.

Entrances and Exits:


When you are enduring near-death experience, there is a minimal probability to get transfered here.
Picking a feather in Level 11 will transfer you here.


Taking 10 recreation facilities will transfer you to Level 48.
Drinking a brown liquid from the shop will transfer you to Level 146.
Jumping into a swimming pool will transfer you to Level 7.
No-clipping into a pink wall will transfer you to Level 974.

Notice: A new discovered function of The Cashier and Level 347

Dear wanderers,
After a short survey held by The M.E.G., The investigators from The M.E.G. discovered that the entity The Cashier will expand after recieving the Candies. The specific reason for this function is still unknown. In addition, an meterologist from The M.E.G. discovered that the high-layer clouds of Level 347 are moving in an extremely fast speed. Thus, he thinks that this level is expanding countinously.

The M.E.G.

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