level 303

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Class 2

  • Biohazards
  • Overgrown
  • Low entity count

An image of level 303


Level 10000 consists of a seemingly abandoned laboratory about the size of Russia. This level was once under control of the M.E.G until an unknown issue led the level to be completely abandoned and left to rot. Here it lies dormant for years previous and years to come, nearly devoid of any life. Although there appears to be windows to the outside, these will just lead to level 303.4 upon breaking them. This database has a singular recorded scripture of what happened to level 303, written by team reed. It is a journal by Reed himself detailing the fall of this level, you can read it here. The only nutrition available on this level is occasional almond water found within old offices or broken vending machines.


exits to level 303.4

Any survivor in this level should be advised to proceed with caution as some undocumented chemicals produced at one point in this lab have glitched to appear as almon water bottles, and will leave a horrifying long term effect, so only drink almond water from the designated locations it can typically be found. Some side effects of these chemicals can be unforeseen mutations, death by insomnia, and schizophrenia


The only 2 documented entities on this level are hounds and a level exclusive parasitic lifeform that, if connected to your body, will slowly convert you into a hound. This parasitic lifeform is known as an "Artifex" which translates to artist in latin.

Entrances and exits:


On rare occasions, one may noclip in any office inside level 1. You may also find yourself here upon contact with any microscope in levels The End Of The F#c*ing World and 22. Each one of these is by random chance, and by going into and office or touching a microscope on these levels does not ensure you will end up here, matter of fact, its actually unlikely.


There are only 2 known exits of this level. Breaking the windows and jumping out, leading to level 303.4 or finding a set of stairs spiraling downwards, eventually leading to level 8. These sets of stairs go straight down for almost 90 miles and only 2 sets of them have been documented on this level.

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