Level 301

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Class 5

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The first image of Level 301

Level 301 is the 302nd level of the Backrooms.


Level 301 is a area with many hills consisting of seemingly infinite grey-green Grassland with Burning Dead Forests covering the hillside. The Grassland is smeared in dust and ashes, revealing the tawny cracked earth beneath. The inferno sweeps through the Burning Dead Forests and Grasslands like a demon trying to turn this place into the furnace of hell. Huge plumes of smoke containing carbon monoxide emanate from the Burning Dead Forests, streaked the gloomy sky with dark traces. Beware not only of the hellish poisonous gas and fire here, but also the threat of numerous entities lurking in the smoke and scorched woods.
It is argued that Level 301 may have a certain degree of distortion of the space and electromagnetic interference, leading to the malfunction of communication and navigation devices such as mobile phones and compasses in the level.

There is a small chance of getting teleported to other random locations in this level when travelling through the Burning Dead Forests, or just keep circling back to your original path.

Extra Files

Bases, Outposts, And Communities:

Even though this level is extremely dangerous, there are still a few communities desperate enough to be based here in the relative safe Grassland because of the very rare and valuable supplies found in this level.

Red Rescue Team

A group of armed rescuers who aim to help the wanders strayed into this level, meanwhile trying to eliminate more hostile entities.

  • Around 32 members
  • Friendly and open to trade

U.E.C. Dead Forest Raiders

A outpost made supposedly to "scavenge for guns, ammunition and other supplies in this level."

  • Around 52 members
  • Shouldn't be approached
  • Heavily armed
  • Not open to trade

Entrances And Exits:


  • There is a small chance of encountering a charred tree trunk on Level 9, touching it will take you to this level.
  • Exiting through a metal hatch found in Level 925 will take you to one of the cabins in this level.
  • A glitch in the ground can randomly appear in the grassy plains of Level 466. If you jump through it, it will transport you to this level.


  • There is a small chance of encountering an evergreen tree that has not been burned at all in the Burning Dead Forest; touching it will take you to Level 9.
  • Tripping over a dead, exposed root has a small chance of taking you to Level 10 (unconfirmed).

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