Level 291 - "Winter Islands"


Class 2

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Level 291 is the 292nd Level of the Backrooms. This level contains 250 kilometers of floating island, each being from 10 meters to 1 kilometer long.


Level 291 consists of floating island. The islands have grass on top of them, which are indestructible by humans. Freezing plants can also be found alot, they are also indestructible. Sometimes you can find broken structures made out of stone which are white. You can sometimes find gateways as well and very rarely they have a portal in them. It is also possible to find almond water in structures, but a small amount. 4 people have also seen green lasers in the void but that is still uncomfirmed.

Usually it's very cold (about 7°C) but sometimes it can even reach -23°C. The highest recorded degree is 18°C. It is also always dark because of the endless void.

Sometimes you can spot entities such as Hounds, Skin-Stealers and Clumps. If you go further you will find more entities but also have a higher chance of finding working gateways. There's also an unkown entity which kills you instantly if you fall in the void.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (A.k.A The "Major Explorer Group") Core Base:

- This base is very new but very organized.
- It has around 20 members.
- It's in the middle of Level 291.
- You can trade here, if you do they will let you stay there for a day.

Entrances And Exits:


- Find a painting of a frozen tree in Level 283 and noclip through it to enter this level.
- In Level 121 if you climb a tree there's a 0.32% chance that you'll get to Level 291.


- You can exit by going through a working gateway, which will teleport you into either Level 292 (46% chance), Level 966 (37% chance), Level 78 (11% chance) or Level 43 (6% chance).

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