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Level 791 is the 792nd level of the Backrooms.
Level 791 has only been discovered recently and is thus mostly unexplored. As such, entering the level is heavily discouraged. This level is notable for seemingly having elements from other levels.



The surface of Level 791.

Level 791 is a coastal village which is always at night, The only light source coming from the streetlights, This level can be very expansive with dead ends and diverging paths. There are multi-colored tiles and mostly furnished apartments. This level has an eerie silence with the only sounds coming from entities and the water flowing.

Level 791 has strong winds which at rare cases can carry people and the winds occasionally carry objects such as bullets or rocks and objects alike, these will aim for a person's chest or skull, depending on which is more vulnerable but these objects carried by the wind are easily avoidable. Level 791 is estimated to be 5,000 miles (8100 km), but the level loops itself. However there are only 3 types of buildings present.

  • Light Houses
    • Light houses in this level are uncommon, but these light houses don't have anything in the exterior besides stairs that lead to the top with light similar to a Watcher's1.
  • Apartments
    • The apartments are the most common building on this level which are larger than how they look from the exterior, these are highly advised to survive in. They have small amounts of rations and an abundance in Cashew Water and Almond Water. There are reported cases of there the beings from above which transport you to Level 69. However, instead of impaling you, they wrap around your chest.
  • Ruins
    • The ruins appear when you wander far in this level, these buildings appear to be the apartments or the light houses without their anomalous properties and look much older with concrete torn off or broken and these buildings have no food or water. These buildings are noted to have a part of it falling off when the winds are carrying rocks, enabling it to strike at the skull.

The Aquatic

The Aquatic is an uncharted ocean that is estimated to be 4 miles or 6 kilometers deep, and is dangerous due to the fish species present which inhabits a low part of the ocean, they measure between 4 meters to 6 meters in length which have abnormal properties such as razor-sharp fins, multiple eyes or teeth that don't fit in their jaws. These fish mostly hunt in a pack and are highly aggressive towards humans, and sometimes jump out the water to catch prey, but won't jump out too far. The ocean is very dark and the temperature can reach -2°C(28.4°F) and the pressure increases instantly instead of gradually increasing.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Mourning Sorrowers

  • This group are people who are stuck in Level 791, trying to find an exit that leads to a safe level.
  • Their base is found in one of the apartments that have the entrance blocked off.
  • This group is one of the smallest in the Backrooms, housing only 13 members.
  • This group is not open to trade.

Entrances and Exits


  • Level 791 can be accessed by escaping Tiny in the twilight zone of Level 7.
  • Going through a dark alleyway in Level 11 and finding multi-colored tiles that look similar to the ones on Level 791, follow it and soon you will be in Level 791. The daytime in Level 11 transitions to night upon entrance.


  • Going through a basement in this level leads to Level 71.
  • Getting grabbed by this level's version of the beings from above will transport you to Level 69.
  • Finding a small road leaking liquid methane in Level 791 with an 'Exit' billboard near it can lead to Level 791.1.

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