Level 273 - "Roads To Nowhere"
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An image of Level 273.

Level 273 is the 274th level of the Backrooms. Temperatures are usually between -1 °C ( 30.2 °F) to -8 °C ( 42.8°F).


Level 273 is a cluster of interconnected roads and highways. Thick fog permeates the level,
leaving explorers cold and damp as they wander. There is no day or night in Level 273, rather
it is perpetually trapped in darkness with the only source of light being streetlamps and the
various structures found around the level. The only confirmed entities are Smilers and unidentified tall, spider-like creatures that roam the roads. Various motor vehicles have been found in the level, the motors can go up to 100 mph, however they can only be used up for 1 hour before reaching the limit and breaking down. Due to gasoline rarely being present, a motor will most likely be used again after 1 hour, unless it gets filled up with gas. A gentle, chilly wind flows through the level, and wanderers have reported howling sounds as the wind passes through overpasses and structures. Level 273 is theorised to be infinite as few wanderers have encountered each other outside of the known outposts. The roads of this level are described as a bit wet, with the roads having a concrete smell.

A small amount of vegetation has been reported in Level 273. The plants found thus far have
been classified as poisonous by the M.E.G. as they induce vomiting and stomach pain on those
who has eaten them. They have a horrible taste like "feces" and as such it is recommended to avoid eating the plants entirely. While small plants are rather rare, trees are found fairly commonly throughout the level and are also reportedly inedible.

Active radio frequency signals permeate Level 273. When intercepted with a radio, these
signals produce white noise along with fuzzy sounding talking that cannot be interpreted.
Wanderers have the feeling of being watched while moving down the many roads, however
some have mentioned a feeling of comfort while wandering the level, however those who feel comfort were mostly in a house, when they felt comfort. Most explorers have reported strong feelings of loneliness and isolation as they travel through Level 273. The majority of the level is unexplored as wanderers tend to follow the roads and only leave them to investigate buildings. Those who wander off the beaten path tend to vanish without a trace, it is assumed they got lost, or fell prey to an entity. There are several types of structures found on this level with varying uses.

Notable Buildings



An image of one of the houses.

Some structures in Level 273 resemble houses in The Frontrooms. Some of them are close
enough to appear like a small town, however they remain vacant. These structures come in
many shapes and sizes and are fully furnished, complete with electricity. Driveways are present in front of most houses and the garage can sometimes contain a vehicle. Sometimes a wanderer may enter a house, and when they exit they will be in a different location then when they entered. They are usually the safest and most reliable way to take refuge on Level 273.

  • The houses were the first building to be discovered.
  • The houses may seem clipped into one another sometimes.
  • Houses are the most common building in Level 273.

Gas Stations


An image of one of the Gas Stations.

An uncommon sight along the roads of Level 273 are gas stations. They appear as a standard
gas station complete with signs and a convenience store, however, the signs are usually blank
and the convenience stores left unlabeled. The scent of almonds pervades the air around them, strong enough to identify the presence of a nearby gas station. The gas pumps produce almond water instead of fuel, and any sort of gas containers or reserves also appear to contain almond water. However, the almond water does not appear to replenish. When the canisters are emptied they refill automatically. There are occasionally large trucks bearing fuel tanks also containing almond water, but they cannot be driven and the life-saving liquid cannot be removed in bulk. However, rarely jerry cans could be found, the jerry cans this time have fuel instead of almond water. The convenience stores contain the amenities one would expect to find there, such as candy, food, beverages, and snacks. All amenities and consumables are left unlabeled, much like the signs outside of the stations. Wanderers have reported feelings of extreme discomfort in the gas stations- feelings that intensify within the convenience stores. This is also where spider-like entities are reported the most. Because of this, most explorers tend to stay away from gas stations, even with the wealth of resources they provide.

  • There have been reports of gas stations that are far apart from convenience stores.
  • Notes with strange messages were found in some gas stations. For example, one note was found saying, "The world is closing in on me within this city." Another note was found saying, "I don't know what the world is, what are the Backrooms?"
  • Some stores and gas stations will be completely dark.

Signal Towers

Signal towers resemble cellular towers from the Frontrooms. They are the source of the level’s radio signals and the ambient Wi-Fi wanderers can access. Attempts to damage or destroy these towers have proven fruitless, and some of them appear to float several feet above the ground. Signal towers produce light and can be used as waypoints for those trying to navigate Level 273. The M.E.G. has also documented a phenomena where randomly other signals will fire from the towers. These could be analog or digital signals, and it’s completely sporadic when they are emitted from a tower. Some towers have randomly flown out of the ground, or been clipped into the ground, or another building, due to that it is recommended to keep an eye on Level 273, because one could get hit by a random signal tower. There are reports of wanderers entering signal towers and never coming out.

  • Some signal towers have multiple rooms and can be inhabited.
  • Signal towers are fairly common.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are two known bases on this level.

Squad Apulio

This base contains 56 people and they make their home in a particularly large signal tower.
While they are friendly, they refuse to trade with outsiders. The base is managed by a person
named Calvin.

Station: Camo

This base contains 545 people. Another friendly group, they actively trade with wanderers and
offer supplies that they scavenge from gas stations and convenience stores. They make their
home in a cluster of houses and gas stations in close proximity to one another.


This level was discovered in 1992 by a few researchers. The logs of Level 273 cannot be found, but the names of the team who discovered it are known. These are: Mary, Ling, George, Mike, and Parry, with their leaders name being Mia. The researchers say that they were in an unspecified level, then the team somehow ended up here. After they arrived at Level 273, the exploration team started to explore. While in this level they described seeing a few Smilers. At one point the researcher known as "Mike" wandered off of the roads, before disappearing never to be seen again. After exploring and discovering a few buildings, the exploration team somehow returned to the unspecified level. That was the first exploration, and the level would remain untouched for a while. Nine months after its discovery, when an exploration team was exploring Level 7 and noclipped through a wall, leading them here; how they escaped the level after that is unknown.

Entrances & Exits


  • To get here wanderers need to enter a door that leads to a road in Level 0.
  • Another way one can get here is by noclipping through a wall in Level 191.
  • Jumping down a manhole in Level 9 to end up here.
  • Breaking up parts of the cave Level 8 could make one potentially end up here.
  • Entering an exit door will trigger an alarm in Level 88 and transport one to Level 273.
  • You can get here by ripping up 10 pieces of paper in Level 757.


  • Crashing a car will lead to Level 999 (Don't attempt this).
  • Noclipping through the ground will lead to Level 201.
  • Going down a manhole will lead to Level 76.
  • Noclipping into a gas station will lead to Level 87.
  • Some houses may lead to Level 96.

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