Level 271
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Class maintenance damages

  • Safe
  • Unsecure
  • Equipment damages

A picture shows the seats in the first class

Level 271 is the Level 272nd level of the Backrooms. only you and your team/friend can enter at once.


Level 271 is a very empty and long airplane, this level is not infinite but the length and width are unknown, mainly due to the length and width being different from wanderer to wanderer. the above the ceiling light is a blue cabin light, and the under light is a red or green (sometimes mix) emergency light. Those emergency lights are always turned on unless you go to the cockpit and take a seat in it, this level is also very cold, the temperature here is -69 °F. no Oxygen mask has been dropped on the overhead chamber. is recommended to bring your oxygen mask or quickly sit in the pilot seat, wanderer reports the water dripping has been seen. no pipe or any type of water equipment has been seen, the level itself has 7 sections, those are first class, Main Cabin (middle part), back galley, business class, baggage hold, cockpit, and the roof

first class is the first section that you will see when you open the cockpit door. the first class is made out of a white wall. the level has some resources, however, those sections can also be found in the back gallery. there is a seat and a bed in which you can take a seat and rest. this section doesn't have an anomaly effect. weirdly no emergency light has been seen here.


A picture shows the common type of back gallery

When you come here. is recommended to come here at least 2 or more, because if you don't go to the cockpit seat to sit in or get out of the seats or turn off the auto-pilot, the dangerous anomaly called "the crash" starts to happen.

When you first get there. you'll see the plane start to nose dive down and shake real quick. the engine and plumbing are also starting to fail unit you take a cockpit seat. is worth noting that if you also try to drive the plane deep down. the plane will explode. and you will be dead even if you miss an explosion. is unknown what happens to the people after they are unalive.

if the crash starts in the middle of the environmental dangers, the cabin light starts to turn off and the emergency light starts to turn on, the plane shaking is getting worse and worse, and after that, a plane will explosion, or get caught by one of the rare tornadoes.


Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Dude the level only allows you and your team/friend can enter at once, is impossible to set the base, outpost, and Communities

Entrances and Exits


In the rare case, the airplane is seen to stop through the Takeoff & Landing section in Level 212, you have to find a way in to get in since the doors are locked, but if you can open the doors, go inside the airplane, the plane will start to take out if you spent for 4 minutes. after the plane take out, the plane itself starts to glitch out and will end you here

Go through a Lufthansa gate on Level 36 will end up here.

if you somewhere find a purple slide in Level 0, you will end up here as well.

find an out-of-place airplane door on The Frontrooms will lead you here as well

if you are in Level 399, find a seat that covers with blue and will be sent to you here.

in the rare case, you will notice an airplane in the sky, you need to point at it. after that shut your eye for 10 seconds, if you do all of that right, you will end up here, the entrance to this way is in Level 208

no-clip through a painting that shows an airplane in Level 233 will lead you here, this similar entrance also works in Level 57

no-clip through a floor in abandoned plane inLevel 711 wil end up here


some emergency exit doors that are open in some parts of the middle section. run through it and you will be sent to the Class 1 difficulty level, business class is the Class 0 difficulty level and the first class is the class habitable level, if you are a driver who somehow wants to exit this level, turn on the autopilot. this is the only known way to exit as of right now

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