Level 25

Class 4


Minimal Entity Count

Level 25 is the 25th Level of The Backrooms. This Level Is a kitchen explores have reported the kitchen looks like there kitchen in the front rooms


Level 25 is a kitchen if you check in the cabinets there's a chance of finding object-1 Almond Water]. after being in the kitchen for 10 minutes you will hear the sound of eggs cracking after hearing it for a minute you will see a Entity 40-Egg swipers wean you see the Egg swipers a door will open up leading to a endless amount of kitchens leading until you make it out of level 25 or you die by Egg swipers.


There are 20 Egg swipers in the level

and sometimes you can come across Wretches

Entrances And Exits:


no-clipping In the walls of Level 5 or going to sleep and dreaming of your kitchen


Exiting Level 25 is only possible by finding a door that will lead you to Level 26 or no-clipping In the oven

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