Level 247


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Level 247 is the 248th positive level of the backrooms. It is an extremely small level compared to 95% of other levels. It is a high school basketball court with small stands that can seat about 1000 people. This level is pretty much exactly like most small high school basketball courts. There is no indication of what school this basketball court belongs too. The school mascot is an eagle, and you can tell that by looking at the centre of half court. There is a giant painting of an eagle there. Overall, this level is one of the most safe levels in the backrooms. The only problem with staying in this level is that there are no supplies are food anywhere in this level. Setting up a base on this level is impossible because only one person can enter this level at a time. This causes people to feel loneliness and a desire to leave the level. Luckily, this level isn't very hard to exit (see entrances and exits sections). Everything on this level cannot be moved under any circumstances except for one item. When you no clip into this level, everything is the same for every person. You will spawn slightly outside the half court circle, with a single basketball in the direct middle of the level. This is the only thing in the level that is able to be picked up and moved around. The scoreboard is always on, and shooting the basketball into a goal will result in the scoreboard adding points to whatever basket you shot it in. It is not known how the scoreboard changes, it just does. Unlike usual scoreboards, this scoreboard can go up to 9999 points on each side.

Bases, Outposts, And Communities:

Because only 1 person can enter this level at a time, there are no bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

Entrances and Exits


This level is kind of hard to enter, and has only been accessed by no-clipping through certain levels: Level 117 and Level 52, most commonly.
This level can be accessed through other levels that take the form of schools, but the 2 listed above are the most common entrances.


Exiting this level is actually quite easy.

  • Scoring exactly 1235 points on either basket will take you back to where you came from.
  • Grabbing a piece of paper on the wall that says,"High School Theatre Show Tonight!" Will take you to Level 156, though these posters rarely show up.
  • No-clipping in the walls can lead you to level 52.

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