Level 208.1 - "The Attraction"

Level 208.1 aka "The Attraction" is visually hurtful. It gives wanderers a migraine. The photo is distorted but does not serve it any justice.

Level 208.1 is the sub-layer of Level 208


It is a large space with tables set for a kids pizza party, the kids name on the sheets hanging above the dining area says "Timmy". Heads of ripped up and destroyed animatronics from an unknown entertainment company line the walls on wooden mounts like a hunter does with their trophies. There is a replica of Level 208's exterior but sized down from infinity so that it could fit in the center of the room. We know this by the occasional wanderer able to be seen crawling in the windows, crawling fast. The difference being that instead of yellow, blue, red and green colors are not there, only baby blue and bright magenta are present. The walls are grey, they have posters with white paint smeared over them. There are arcade machines moved and scattered around, they are all different colors, mostly blue, red, and magenta, but rarely they can be the color of the carpet, a dirty, wet brown color. These you can no-clip through, more on that at the bottom.

There is a single entity stalking this room, it is easy to avoid as it seems to have sensory problems. His eyesight is bad, but he can feel you in the air. It is entity 208 because it is exclusive to Level 208, we call it Scrappy. We call it this because it appears to have some parts broken off from previous wanderers defending themselves, but it has a special ability to repair itself with useless junk, as it has a welding tool that can come out of its right hand index finger. It is about 7 feet tall but it hunches forward slightly making it look 6' 5". It resembles a green bunny with brown cloth pants. The most broken parts of his body are the following, many cracks along where his teeth sit which still have some skin tissue stuck in them, his legs are bare and hold no fiber glass or fake green fur, it is just metal frame, his hands are also bare of any fiber glass or fake green fur Its eyes are medium blue but when in attack mode, the whites turn black and the pupils focus, their pupils turn from black to white. His method of killing is to either stomp on the victim into the ground until the sight of blood, or he will strike the victim with commonly his right hand, rarely left, keeping some of the predictability of Level 208. Rarely he may grab a victim and scream into their face until they either pass out or their ears bleed. The scream sounds demonic, a deep devilish roar, combined with the hissing of a cat, it early also has an extra noise with the scream that sounds like a child crying. It is possible to survive an attack, but very unlikely. Sometimes he will say stuff in english with a calming robotic voice that sounds like someone named Fred, as if you could imagine you have a friend named Fred that sounds like that, the following are some of the things he may say:

  • "Timmy! come out and play! Do you want pie…?"
  • (In a chase) "Surpie! Get them!"
  • (A distorted melody)
  • "I had string but now I don't, I am free" (He butchered the song from Pinocchio)
  • (Raspy breathing/slight coughing)
  • By far the most settling, (Screaming for mercy), something like "Help", but it is really hard to hear past the screaming

It is unclear who or what Surpie is, but there is no other entity in Level 208.1. Scrappy seems to be looking for a child named Timmy, who or where Timmy is, remains a mystery. Sometimes Deathmoths will wander away from the inner parts of Level 208. They my wander far enough to reach Level 208.1. Scrappy will defend Level 208.1 by killing the Deathmoths. Making it clear that he is territorial, and not just outright aggressive, he maybe even tamable considering he speaks a language from the Frontrooms.

You cannot spend to much time circling around the arcade machines, within 60 minutes you will start to hallucinate, not for no reason though. There is an unknown gas in the air that is best related to Co2. The hallucinations are so vivid that the 'Event' from Level 208 actually starts making scratch marks on the body, making it seem as if the 'event' is an entity, but yet again there is nothing physically there. There is red, green, blue, yellow party cups on the tables that can contain 1 of 3 liquids if approached (The liquids are refill in the cup with the same liquid, making predictability still here in Level 208.1). One cup could have Almond water, One cup could have oil, and one cup could have the same red liquid found in Level 0. The thing is that the liquids are all magenta, making it impossible to know which one your drinking, if you get lucky, you will be able to return to that cup. Because of the predictability of the liquids, you can have a decent supply of water. It is advised that you do not attempt to drink from the cups unless you are severely dehydrated, Level 1 is only 1 locked door away.

The room has many different hallways branching out leading to some other levels, but the doors to them are always locked, they can be pried open, but is hard when Scrappy is constantly looking for you. If you exit the building out the front door you will end up in Level 35. Some of the locked hallways may lead:

Entrances and Exits

The Entrance is through the means explained in the Exit portion of Level 208. The exits are all of the above. Using the methods provided are the only ways, get out within an hour though.

If you went down here in search for a quick exit info then here you go.
All known exits (Compasses work in Level 208 and Level 208.1):

  • North door (Main entrance and exit way of the restaurant, it is a pair of glass doors), leads to level 35
  • North east hall, leads to Level 5
  • North west hall 1, leads to Level 20
  • North west hall 2(5 ft south of west hall 1), leads to Level 1
  • South east hall, leads to Level 53

The only entrance is through Level 208.

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