level 206
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Class 4

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the inside of a dead end in level 206 it is not none how there is light

Level 206 is the 207th' Level of the Backrooms.


level 206
level 206 is a tree house that goes on and on and on until you reach where you started, and it has rooms that will lead to dead ends

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Base 1

  • You can find a dead end with a small house to hide in and if you get lucky enough you will find some almond water
  • If you run enough, you will find a glitched wall that will lead to a meeting area were you can find other people and groups such as the m.e.g

Entrances And Exits


you can go to level 206 by no clipping through level 0 or level 3


you can exit through level 206 by finding a glitched door in one of the dead ends and this will lead to level 88

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