Level 2020



Class Covid 19

  • Unsafe
  • Do Not Go Outside Stay Inside
  • 2 Entities
Level 2020 consists of a large neighborhood of two-story houses, some serving as spawn locations. All of the houses in the neighborhood appear newly built. When one spawns in this level, they will find oneself inside one of the houses, alone, as there is a different copy of this level for each person who enters. Most houses are equipped with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, plenty of Almond Water and food in the kitchen, and a large stock of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in the bathroom. There is working electricity and water, but no electronic devices such as TVs work here. This level has no day and night cycle, as the time is always noon and the temperature is kept at a comfortable 20°C (68°F). Your sanity is much lower than normal in this level, and as time passes it will begin to drop, so it's crucial for you to regularly drink Almond Water. When your sanity begins to drop, you'll have a massive urge to go outside. Do not, under any circumstances, go outside in this level. If the urge gets the better of you, and you do go outside, unknown to one, you will be infected with an infectious disease spread through contact by entities called Familiarities. These entities will greet you outside and be friendly to you, while the virus enters your body and slowly kills you.

If one stays in this level for two weeks and has not been infected with The Virus, a door will emerge from the back of the house and one will be sent to another level. However, if you wait for an entire year, a new door will appear. Entering this door will lead you back to The Frontrooms at the same place and time you entered the Backrooms. However, it's nearly impossible to wait for a year in this level, as one will probably run out of supplies before the 4 month milestone due to the amount of Almond Water that needs to be consumed to stay sane.

There is a method for surviving long enough, but is it is highly unrecommended to do it. If you manage to catch a Familiarity without catching the virus (wearing a full protective suit, which can't be found anywhere in this level), wait for 5 days, and then cook the Familiarity and eat its flesh, you may solve the food issue. However, you will still need a lot of Almond Water for staying sane and hydration, which if you bring enough into the level and ration it, is feasible. The reason why this method is unreccomended is because eating Familiarity flesh (which has the same nutritional properties as human flesh) will probably transmit several parasites and diseases, even if you manage not to get The Virus in all this time, and get to The Frontrooms, you will most likely die a few years later due to the meat.

Colonies and Outposts
Due to the nature of this level, no real colonies or outposts can be created in this level.

The Neighborhood
Made of an estimated 300 Familiarities
Aren't open to trading
Aren't hostile unless provoked
Entrances and Exits
Finding a neighborhood house on an island on Level 7 and entering it will bring you here.
Being 50 miles away from any human on Level 9 and entering a modern neighborhood house will bring you here.
Noclipping into the fridge on Level 119 will bring you here.
Enter the wooden house. This will take you to level 312.
Wait for two weeks without catching The Virus. A door will appear, bringing you to Level 11.
Noclipping out of this level will take you to Level ! without any supplies. If you noclip with The Virus, you will instead noclip to Level 847.
Wait for a year without catching The Virus. A red Oak door will appear, bringing you to The Frontrooms at the same place and time you entered the Backrooms.
Wait for 6 months without catching the Virus. A blue oak door will appear, bringing you to Level



Come out of the house by Familiarities

This is 2020

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