TheBackroomsFan (Tale)
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It was a Friday morning when two friends were chilling in their dorm.

"You sure you're gonna do good on the test? You didn't even study!"

"I know the subject well, just trust me I'll be fine"

The two friends had a little argument before finally settling on a solution.

"Fine, but don't blame me if your gonna fail Ari."

"You can trust me Jake, I got this."

Ari is a little light-headed, despite being foolish at times he has a good heart.
Jake is a bit more serious than Ari, but he still values his friend more than anything, despite Ari making mistakes here and there.

"Come on we're going to be late." said Jake.

Without missing a beat, the two friends instantly rush out of their dorm with their bags, hoping they didn't forget anything.

"I bet that Eddy is getting another passing score!" Says Ari while rushing down the hallway.
"Well its very likely, but I heard he's been falling off lately, so lets see." Says Jake, running with Ari.

The two quickly kept running through the hallway of their college, rushing to the classroom, when suddenly….

"Ah!" Ari tripped.

"You okay?" Jake said as he reached his hand for Ari.
"I'm fine, just a untied shoelace, that's all" Ari proclaimed.
"Well come on! We're almost there!"

The two reached the classroom in a very exhausted state from all the running.

"Oh, Ari and Jake, you're both late." Prof. Lang stated.
"Sorry Sir, we didn't notice the time and-"
"Just sit down" Prof. Lang interrupted.

The two took their seats, still exhausted from all the running.
"Hey guys look! The class chump is late for class!" Some kid said.
Immediately the room was filled with laughter.
"Quiet down! All of you! NOW!" Prof. Lang shouted in a strict manner, quieting down the students.
Ari was given the nickname "the class chump" by the students after a certain event made Ari look like a dimwitted fool. Though he looks unfazed on the outside, he's a tad bit insulted on the inside.

"Now I want you to focus, because as you know, we have a test today." Prof. Lang stated.
Suddenly Ari rose his hand, "Excuse me sir, may I go to the restroom please?".
Then people started laughing again, "And what are you going to do you idiot? Drink you urine because you think its lemonade? Hahaha".
Jake put his hand on Ari's shoulder, "Don't listen to them, they still haven't gotten over it.".
"QUIET! Ari you may go"

Ari then exited the classroom and entered the hall, walking to the restroom.
"You know, I kind of hate it when people bully me" Ari said to himself.
"That's the thing I hate about college, one mess up and your reputation goes downhill."
"And all because I…." he trailed off.
"….That doesn't matter right now, I got to finish my business and head back to the classroom."
He went into the restroom, and quickly went out.
"Where do you think your going chump?" a voice said.
"Oh you know, back to class, you should get back there too, its better to waste time falling asleep during class rather than mocking teens who come out of restrooms." Ari said.
"Trying to be smart eh chump? sadly you don't have the IQ to figure out we aren't just gonna mock you." the bully then started to crack his knuckles.
"Aww crap…" suddenly, Ari got hit with a knuckle sandwich to the face!
"What cha gonna do about it chump? gonna fight back? oh wait, you don't have the IQ to fight."
"Why do you do this…" Ari said painfully
"Heh, I'm just teaching idiots like you a lesson." Suddenly another punch hit Ari, and then it all went black…

Ari woke up in a mysterious room filled with yellow wallpaper and moist carpet.
"Hello? Anyone there?" he shouted.
Ari was confused, this room didn't look like it was from the university, it looked more like an office space more the anything.
"Very funny Tom! Is this your plan? Knock me out and put me in a mysterious room that doesn't look like it belongs on campus? Thinking the "chump" can't find their way out?" Ari shouted.
"Well undenounced to you, I can find a way out…" Ari said as he started wandering the yellow hallways.

10 minutes passed and Ari was still walking, determined to find a way out of this place, however after a few miles he started to think he was going in circles.
"Very funny guys." Ari said "You can let me out now.".
Ari kept wandering the hallways, however he started to feel like its impossible to find an exit.

Eventually, his mind started playing tricks on him, he started hearing voices of his friends and family in the distance, always so close, yet so far. Ari started to feel like his skull was being drilled in with a electric drill. He started to think he was becoming insane. He just couldn't take it anymore..
"STOP! PLEASE!" He screamed.
"I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" He was going mad, he felt his mind deteriorating, he needed it all to stop! With rage in his eyes, he punched a wall with all the strength he has, sobbing and crying while doing so. However, he didn't feel any pain on his fist from punching a solid wall, almost like it wasn't solid at all.
"Huh?" He said in a confused manner as he looked at the wall.
Sure enough, his fist was inside the wall.
"AH!" He screamed, "But how is this possible?" He asked himself.
Ari was curious, so he peeked his head through the wall, and it seemed like it was a gateway to another location, an empty warehouse.
"A exit? Well, it doesn't lead back to campus but its better than going insane in this cursed place." Ari proclaimed.
"Goodbye yellow halls of something! May you be forgotten!" Ari shouted as he went through the wall.

This location was different from the yellow room for obvious reasons, it had

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