Level 184 "Back To School"

Attention, This level does not contain any kind of escape.

People who fall here will be classified as dead, Any Survivor message is fake and should be ignored. We currently don't know who is sending these bugs/glitchs but try to ignore, We're currently working on it!


Fast picture of Level 184 Before the alarm.

The Level 184 Is a normal school with some wall decorations, The doors are painted with a kind of Blue

In the walls, You can see some strange drawni

)$*@*% ?@?@# -#((@)

{Hack Detected, Starting Protocol 501-b}


1st Log

Author: [Text_Name_Here]

Some G.A.C Field Agents found a new strange door in the , Some agents were sent to investigate and no one came back. I Said to put a camera in the next field agent to see what happened on the other side, But no one listened to me, I Hate everyone here…

2nd Log

Author: Markus Klyster

I Don't know WHY They accepted the new freakin' guy idea, WE ARE GOING TO LOSE 3 AGENTS FOR NOTHING. okay, okay okay, Calm down, I Still need to work. Sooooo, We are going to send 3 agents with a camera. I Hope they escape alive.

3rd Log

Author: [Text_Name_Here]

Okay, Maybe sending 3 agents was a bad idea. But at least we know what the heck happened in this place.

Site Manager Note(s):

I'm trying to find out who is hacking this site. Welp, In my opinion this guy is a Good Hacker, But he will need to do better if he wants to do something here, Report to me any bug or glitch on site. Some bugs can't be fixed but I'll try.

Okay, I'll try to fix this thing, (For the last time), I Said i can't fix prior of bugs, So don't spam me about bugs/glitches


The Level 184 is a basic school, Some doors have signs with a unknown lenguage, The School has an determined hour.

7:00 - 9:00 = Class Time
9:01 - 9:30 = Launch Time
9:31 - ??? = ?????

No one lived for so long to know what happened at 9:31. In Launch Time, Prior of entities are located in the Cafeteria.

NOTE: There's no hiding places and the entry lock when someone enter, So this level is highly dangerous.

There's stairs in the school, Going to the cafeteria and other classrooms, This level has No food But if the entities are in the classrooms, You can fastly go to the cafeteria and pick some food leftovers.

Close to the cafeteria, there is a bathroom for boys and girls, Where you can found some liquid soap and toilet paper, In both bathrooms. Also there's a extern area who goes for somewhere, And a exit, Guarded by a Adult Faceling. (They are hostile in this area).

Bases, Outposts and Communities

This level is dangerous and small, So there's no Bases, Outposts or communities.

Entrances And Exits


Noclip on a Level 1 mold wall.
Door in the HUB Ceiling.
#*@( NocLIpp#! LEvEl 1@)*58


In fact, There's a unique exit, But REALLY HARD To…. "Found", 2 agents reported a strange door that appeared randomly in some hallway. Our agents noticed then, The chances of finding this door are 1/1409, (approximately 0.070972321% of chance).

A R4inbow d00r in cafeteria ent3r in the L3vel Fun =)



The Shadow Kid Image caught in day.

Kid Facelings

  • The kid facelings are hostile in every place of school.

Teacher Facelings

  • Teacher Facelings teach kid facelings, Their language is hard to know. Prior to Teacher Facelings are hostile and attack every human.

Janitor Facelings

  • Janitor Facelings are neutral, He will not attack you, Only if you step on a wet floor. The Janitor facelings never stop working. Some janitors like to hear music while working.

The Director

  • The Director is a faceling who watches others behind the cameras, He warns the other Facelings about intruders, The director activates the alarms when someone enters the school. He's very smart and fast.

The Shadow Kid

  • It's a kind of faceling, It can teleport and appear in shadows. If he saw you, He will bring you to the darkness, No one survived.



✰ = Rare

  • Almond Water (✰)
  • Candy
  • Lucky O'Milk (✰)
  • Orange Juice???
  • Sandwish


  • Actually, There's no itens in this level.

Extra Informations

There's no escape, No hiding places, No sufficient foods, And no escapes.


The Hallway

  • The Hallway is the main connection to every room in this level. Some Agents reported a "Shadow Hallway", Helping in the shadow kid dimension theory. The hallway is the most dangerous area for this reason.

The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria

  • Principal font of food, The Cafeteria are a place to kid facelings play, But like every part of the level, It doesn't contain hidden places.


  • Place of Janitor Facelings, For no reason they don't like when someone take a picture of The Storage, But it's not a hide place because the Kid Facelings mess on it.


  • The Gym are a external area which are unable to go because it's guarded by Guard Facelings, And They are hostile.

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{Hack uncontrolled, Starting Protocol 12-z1}

{Protocol 12-z1 Failed}


{Starting Protocol 401-s}
{Protocol Executed Successfully!}

End of document.


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Site Note:

You can experience some bugs after this part, Make sure to check your connection, If this didn't worked, inform any moderator or administrator.

S3nd hElp….
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