Level 17ZZ
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Level 17ZZ, AKA Nostalgic Forest, is the 18zzth Level of the Backrooms


You Remember, Don't you?


17ZZ is an infinite long forest that is always sunset, but the sun never goes down. Explorers that enter the forest have described it as nature-like, calming, peaceful, explorers have also reported that they remember this place from the past due to its nostalgic appearances such as always sunset, different colored leaves on the trees ranging from, orange, yellow, bright green, and pink.

This forest varies in many ways, explorers have documented that the forest will show memories from the past or calming events that have happened to them. There aren't any documented entities currently, explorers report seeing shadow figures in the corner of their eye, some report vague movements in the trees. Explorers who visit this level report being watched by someone or something, explorers also show signs of major anxiety.

This place isn't all happy and joyful, explorers that have been in this level for over 2 to 3 weeks show signs of craziness, major anxiety, and rage. M.E.G believes that 17zz will bring up memories of loved ones that have passed away, this level will also show violent images of loved ones that haven't passed yet, this drives the victim into complete madness, often followed by violent outbursts of rage.

The victim of this anomalous effect will see hallucinations of loved ones that have passed away, traumatic experiences that haven't happened will fill up there memories, very explicit images of loved ones, all these things cause PTSD and violent outbursts of rage the result in death or harm to themselves or someone else.

The forest is described to be the most beautiful piece of nature there is, explorers and researchers, say "the trees blow in the wind as the cloudy sky above is pink and the sun never sets, the grass is always cut and there are no ants or snakes just you.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities


The Serpents are a welcoming group of people that look to find unexplained creatures in this level, they provide people protection and food, the only downside about this group is that they are targeted a lot for their resources.

The hallows are a group of people that believe they are an entity, they are extremely hostile and will attack anyone in sight, the reason for the hostility and believing their entities is because an undocumented entity could be controlling them, there isn't enough evidence to support this yet, and there has been no reports or documents of mind-controlling entities, we assume that the forest has driven them into madness.

Cevats (pronounced Kev-it's) is a group of people that hunt the entities that may lurk inside this forest, they aren't hostile but if you betray them they will terminate you without warning. Cevats are split up into three ranks, the first being Explorers, the second being Guiders, and the third being Leaders, they all work together to hunt or try to find entities in this place but have had no luck since there are no documented entities and if there are, then they are extremely stealthy.

Additional Information

The forest has multiple pathways, these pathways will change so it is very easy to get lost in here, explorers report hearing the voices of their loved ones telling them to come closer or to turn around, but there is no sight of them anywhere. It is said to be caused by an anomalous entity that we don't currently know of.


Photo Of An Almond Water River

Lakes and rivers of almond water can be found, it is safe to drink this almond water and the effects still work. Explorers of this level have reported feeling movement in the water when swimming or bathing, there has been one report of an explorer getting sucked under the water by this huge creature, this creature hasn't been described so M.E.G is assuming this information false.

There are no caves, hills are rare to find but you can find them along pathways, there are believed to be some entities that are unknown on this level, evidence supports this because many explorers have been presumed missing or dead on this level, anomalous sightings, and mimicked voices. The trees are documented to be over 200 feet tall ranging in all different shapes and sizes, the trees are all oak trees but somehow grow way taller than oak trees are supposed to.

Entrances And Exits


No clipping through a window on any level (extremely rare and dangerous)


Finding the pathway that takes you to the glitched tree

Image Credits

River, Captain Kimo
Forest, Brandon HM Oh

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