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You turned back. There they are, still chasing you. You jump. The fire consumes you. It's so much. You can feel your body becoming num. It hurts. You start to see the environment around you darken. You close your eyes. For the final time.


Class unknown

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Level 174.1 is a sub level of Level 174.


This level is not yet fully understood. This is because very few people manage to make it. The only proof of it's existence is rumors spread around the FieldKeepers. Due to very little info, description may be very poor. Level 174.1 consists of a singular rock serving as a platform above lava. The sky is also an infinite plane of lava about 1000 feet above the bottom lava plane. It has shown no gravitational effects on both itself and the level. There is only one known entity here. It is known as The Keeper of the Volcanoes. This Entity will be elaborated on more below. This level is extremely bright due to the abundance of lava. It is highly recommended that you open your eyes as little as possible.

The Keeper of the Volcanoes

This entity is the only known entity to reside on this level. It has been described to be as tall as the Empire State Building. According to survivors, it has been able to talk to them and it appears in front of them in the lava as soon as entry to the level is done. The voice of this entity has been described as varying, from adult male to young female. It has shown to talk about various subjects such as it's own level to the frontrooms itself. How it's aquired this info is unknown. The most common subject it's talked about is " the wanderers destiny ". This has varied from them dying horribly to even escaping the backrooms. After it is done talking, it will make the wanderer faint. When the wanderer wakes up, they will have arrived in a Class 0 difficulty level as of March 26th, 2022.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known Outposts or Communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits


The only confirmed entrance is jumping into the lava of a volcanoe in The Danger Zone of Level 174.


The only confirmed exit is through being knocked out by The Keeper of Volcanoes. This will cause the wanderer to appear in a Class 0 level.

Made by ThatPartyGoer.

The Darkness slowly fades away. You're on a rock. A big one. In front of you, the lava rises to show a great being. They start talking. They talk about your destiny, your future, your death, your life, your past, and your afterlife. You see it all. They disappear. You start feeling tired as you fall to the ground. All you could see was the ground opening up to reveal a Wormhole before you went out. You appeared in level 63. You are safe now. But with the knowledge that you, YOU, will never be able to live happily again.

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