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Level 163 is the 164th level of the backrooms.


Level 163 is a large airship fleet, where there are an infinte number of them. It is a common stop for wanderers, and each airship is made out of wood or an unkown metal-like material, and there are no sightings of entities on this level. Falling off of an airship will result with you teleporting to the nearest ship, which people say is like a roller coaster, in the thrill aspect. Each ship has main categories of rooms, and we will discuss the main rooms here. Note that there will be no photos present on this page, due to the fact that in this level, cameras are treated as supplies for the storage room (Look down for description), but with cameras no matter where they are, they will be unfortunately transported back to one of the 75 barrels of them, and there have sadly been no successful attempts at finding a camera with photos of the level, and as there is only wifi on 1/50 airships, uploading it would also be a gamble as to when it'll be sent back.

The storage room:

This room is a small room full of barrels, and each one contains different items, foreign or not to the backrooms. Some have been documented to contain almond water, whilst others have food, Smiler repellant and rarely, A small amount of royal rations. The barrels seem to refill every excactly 24 hours since the barrel had been last raided, but each one contains a different item every refill, so if you encounter a ship with royal rations, grab it as quickly as possible due to the fact that it could dissapear the next second.

The bedroom:

This is a large sleeping area of each ship,and each ship has a different numbers of beds, with some being documented to have 1 or 2, to some being reported to have over 1000. This room is the main reason this level is so popular, as so many beds can be found that there are enough to start a moderately large colony on each. If you are planning to start a colony on this level, search ships in order to find the most suitable amount of beds for your colony.

The kitchen/The dining room:

These two rooms are where the supplies from the storage are made and eaten. And the question of which one is for eating and which for cooking is up to you to find out (Hint: It's obvious) The kitchen has running water, stoves, ovens and many other cooking supplies, whilst the dining room is a large table, with the excact number of chairs as there are beds in the bedroom. The dining room is beautifully decorated. The dining room has windows, but the "ground" is similar to the sky of level 998, where it's just an image, as nothing moves or changes about the picture.

The weaponry room:

This is a small room, full to the brim of ranged and melee weapons. If you plan to enter any class 5 levels (As in entity infestation, not the hotel), Level 163 is the perfect place to go to stock up on tools to help fight hordes of enemies. Almost all of the time the weapons are the things used to fight in the 17th century, but if lucky, there will be 21st century weapons, such as sniper rifles and AKA47s. They are all held in display cases, with a keyhole that is hidden in a different place for each ship. Sometimes, One level key will be found within the display cases. The weaponry of this room is similar to the storage room's supplies, where it resets every 24 hours. It is recomended that these rooms are searched multiple times a day, as a level key could be possible to never be seen within the display case by human eyes, if not cautious that is. This room has sparked wars between colonies due to some colonies encountering level keys, and jealousy did the rest.

The training room:

This room makes the weaponry room server more purpose and makes the constant searches more valuable and worthy. It's a small room filled with training dummies, targets for shooting and much more equipment to help accuracy, power and speed. It tends to be good for people new to the backrooms

The rest of the rooms serve less purpose.

The Lookout:

This room is a room near the bottom of the airship that is covered in windows, on the floor and walls. This would be for wars, but M.E.G has never gotten reports of this being a useful room. This is the room with the least to talk about, and has the least use.

The chat room

This is a room for public speaking, wether from leaders of a colony, or just a friendly chat. It's main purpose would be to discuss when to search rooms, New rules of an outpost or a warning of enemy attacks.

Continuation of description:

The level has a large amount of outposts, as a colony of over 100 could fit into one small airship, and with there being infinte amounts of ships, this is the best place to make an outpost of any size. This is presumably one of the most populous levels of the backrooms at any time, due to the large amount of supplies and outposts. However, any level must have a downside, and this one is that there are trap airships where you can be teleported to Level fun =). The way of deducing that these airships are traps is that if there is loud music playing on the ship, and a party seems to be happening from the limited sight of the windows, it is guaranteed to be a trap, as the people who inhabit level 163 have agreed to never throw parties with loud music, as people could believe that it is a trap to send them to level fun =).

Bases, outposts and communites:

The sky-raiders

-A group of people devoted to stealing other colony's supplies
-Currently consists of 43 people
-Never live on one ship for more than a month
-Are agressive unless wanderers have proof of a criminal record
-Never trade
-Are frequently hunted

The family

-Small group of wanderers who act like family
-Consists of 5 people
-Are friendly to wanderers, but never accept requests to join their outpost
-Are said to have been together since they entered the backrooms

The city in the sky

-The largest colony on level 163
-Uses multiple ships
-Consists of 2576 people
-Are willing to trade and allows anyone to join them
-Have a king
-Have a group of 168 people devoted to wiping out the sky-raiders

The dragon

-Aggresive, large group of people
-Consists of 243 people
-Only accepts members with "actual worth"
-Are willing to trade

The police force

-Moderately large group of people who "arrest" Members of the sky-raiders and other criminal colonies
-Have "arrested" 6 members of the sky-raiders
-Consists of 133 people
-Are willing to trade
-Accepts people with detective skills or speed/strength
-Will send you to a class 5 level if they "arrest" you.

The Sane

-Are an intelligent group of people who have a vast knowledge of the backrooms
-Consists of 52 people, only have 3 more people available to join
-Only accepts people who bring new facts into their minds, which slowly gets harder
-Are willing to do "sensible trades"

The rebels

-Are a group that dislike all others
-Accept anybody that shows aggresion to other colonies on this level
-Consists of 521 people
-Are not willing to trade unless your a member aswell


-Are a group of people who blows up airships for fun
-Consists of 10 people
-Do not accept trades unless gunpowder or dynamite from your side of the deal
-Are not accepting more members

The roleplayers

-A small group of people who roleplay and think the backrooms are a joke
-Consists of 37 people
-Tends to not trade
-Accept people to their colony who are good at acting/roleplaying

The royal diners

-A group of people who constantly search for royal rations
-Have an unkown amount of people
-Sleep in the ships they searched
-Are willing to only trade for royal rations


-A tiny group that live on seperate ships
-Are considered to not be mentally stable
-Consists of 4 people
-Only encountered ships with one bed

The London eye

-Is the 2nd largest colony
-Consists of 1259 poeple
-Believes that the partygoers mean no harm
-Worship the beast of level 5

Entrances and exits:


-Fall through the floor of the crimson forest
To spawn on one of the airships.
- Noclip through the floor of level 6 to end up here.
-Find an exit door on Level 0 or any other level in Cluster I (Except Level 163) to fall through the sky and land on an airship.
-Walk into an aeroplane on level 36 to be transported here.


- Step onto a trap airship to have the party of your life in Level fun =)!
-Be "arrested" by the police to be sent to a class 5 level in Cluster I.
-In some airships, a small door that says "end flight" will be present on the ship. Walk through it to be brought to level 36.
-Noclip through the airship to be brought to Paradise.

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