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Only surviving image, taken at May 23, 1999

“Where No Man Should Go”

Level 134 is the 135th level of the Backrooms. The image to the left is the only surviving one, being taken at 1999. No information is known about the image.


From the information that has been recovered by M.E.G. and other Backrooms organizations, the level seems to be slightly different every time you enter. The structure stays the same, while wallpapers and items are different each time. One explorer reported seeing the indoor of a hotel, while others were not able to explain what the level was showing. People in the level lose track of time and distance. Air in the level is toxic, and can kill a human if they stay in the level for more than an hour. The person who took the only picture of the level disappeared shortly after. Somehow, it was found and downloaded into the M.E.G. database. In 2010, a video was uploaded to the M.E.G database, showing the level. It was studied for 10 days, but then disappeared, no traces of it left behind. During the short study, they found a few unidentifiable moving blurs, which were likely entities.

8 years later, in-depth research was done by M.E.G. They had found some interesting things going on with the level. Someone going by the name of MISSING_DETAIL was sent in order to recover any information. After being quarantined, he was asked about what he saw.

Interrogator: Tell me. What did you see there?
?: Well… uh… I saw…
Interrogator: Hurry up!
?: There was something chasing after me. Long arms… distorted face… good thing it didn’t find me there.
Interrogator: What else?
?: Well, I felt weird. I don’t really know how to explain it.
Interrogator: Anything else?
?: No.
Interrogator: Well, alright then. You’re getting in quarantine for a few months.

When he was placed in quarantine, a month later, he disappeared. He had left the belongings he took while he was quarantined. The belongings were soon trashed and never seen again.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Because of how strange the level is, nobody has tried to stay here.

Entrances And Exits


People who have entered this level have never done anything to get to this place. They just suddenly appear.


No known exits, those who have escaped have not been interrogated yet.

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