Level 13.1
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4th May, 2022.

Jane! You old fucking wench, how are you today?

Did I really just insult and greet my own diary? What the fuck
is wrong with me?

Eh, whatever. I dont actually have much to… write about.
The lads at work say it's some pop culture day? But Ive
never heard of the sci fi shit theyre on about. In any case,
the days just wrapping up here at 283. Trading has ceased and
Im just in my shorts to cool down and chill after working my
rear end off today. Smith hasnt got off my ass after finding
out Ive been with his daughter since like last June. I thought he
already knew but I


What the fuck was that

Everything just shook hard, I think I banged my head real hard.
I can barely write, the powers gone out and its almost
completely pitch black. I heard all of my stuff shake and
everywhere, my room is probably
trashed. Hopefully some backup power comes on. Holy
fucking shit. Everythings creaking, too. The walls sound
weak and like everything could collapse at once.

Is something above me?


The lights sort of came back on, the window entities in my
room are freaking the fuck out. But… holy hell. My room. Its.

Id say Im glad the lights are on, but I dont want to look at what
my room looks like now. I spent a lot of time and money
to get it to a point Im happy with.

I need to check if the rest of Floor 283 is okay, I dont
hear anyone else. No screams. No calls for help. No confusion.


I dont even know how to articulate myself right now.

I dont think anyone else is alive, I hear nothing but creaks

What the hell happened? Did something fall?? I cant. I cant.

The walls are fal

doorBACKDOOR Backrooms' #1 Chat & Forum

> B.N.T.G. Emergency Chat

nd235 has joined the chat

[nd235]: This is 235, J. Goole calling all B.N.T.G. Upper Managers to respond.

nd440 has joined the chat

nd088 has joined the chat

[nd440]: 235, This is 440. E. Edinburgh of Office Space EL3A. We have reports of M.E.G. Base Beta experiencing shockwaves of a relatively high intensity. Is your reasoning for opening up the emergency chat based on this topic?

[nd088]: This is 088, A. Settle logging from an offshore laptop within Level Minus 2. Reports of shockwaves within both the Hall of Dull Flames and The Pool have been witnessed by myself and employee associates.

nd106 has joined the chat

nd600 has joined the chat

nd074 has joined the chat

[nd106]: nd106, reading previous messages. Current anomaly aligns with events that have just transpired with myself in The Electroscape within WIP Base 022.

[nd074]: Picking up from within Level 102, commanding and sending out notification for all Upper Management members to join emergency chat and treat these proposed shockwaves as an imminent danger.

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nd201 has joined the chat

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[nd014]: All Upper Managers in charge or currently working in base or outpost head operations are standing active and ready.

[nd028]: Negative, K. Barrow. 188 is still to respond.

[nd014]: 188? W. Hunslet? They're operator of Floor 283 of Level 13. Why have they not responded?

[nd201]: 201, K. Watchet. Resending invitation specifically to W. Hunslet.

[nd201]: G. Broughton, W. Hunslet is not following the order. ^100, what's the next course of action?

[nd014]: Penalise.

[nd028]: Negative, K. Barrow. So far, reports of shockwaves have come from The Electroscape, Level -2, Level 11, and Level 102.

[nd014]: Yes?

[nd255]: Those all connect to Level 13.

[nd028]: Correct. It is possible that Level 13 is the epicentre of these earthquakes. If that is to be believed, immediate investigation is required. @nd440, mobilise employees and partners on Office Space EL3A to move to Level 11, and then to Level 13 for investigation.

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