Level 1001 underworld apartments


Class 5

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Level 1001 is the 2nd level of cluster II of the backrooms. It seems like the level is an infinite apartment having many zones

Level 1001 is an infinite apartment building which contains 5 main zones. The level varies in safety depending in which zone a wanderer is in. Zone 1 is named the safest zone, there are no entities in this zone, the zone looks like a standard apartment complex. Looking out of a window on this level will show a beach, the beach can be accessed by one of the few balconies on this zone. The beach is safe part of the level and swimming on the water restores sanity quickly. To exit this zone you must walk three miles in any direction until you find dark hallway. Entering the hallway will bring the wanderer to zone 2. Zone 2 has more entities and less safety than zone 1. Zone 2 looks similar to zone 1 but it’s a lot more ruined and broken. Entities are common in this zone. Some entities in this zone are windows, smilers, hounds, crawlers, skin stealers and givers. And wormlings. Looking out at some windows you’ll see the same beach as in zone 1 but the water is now replaced with liquid silence. Entering the beach is the same as in zone 1 but entering the beach has no effect other than the effects of Normal liquid silence. Entering this zone is similar as zone 1 the wanderer can turn back and see a blue hallway going this route will take it back to zone 1 or travel three more miles to find a red hallway leading to zone 3. Zone 3 looks like an abandoned and ruined apartment complex. The zone has an infestation of entity’s. It is advised to not go in this zone and further. The ocean in this zone is a dark blood red resembling the look of liquid pain. Going into the ocean can cause a wanderer to have the normal effects of liquid pain but more lethal. There is a small chance of interacting with the liquid pain might cause the wanderer to die immediately. There are no balcony’s on this zone instead the zone has claustrophobic holes in the wall which can lead the wanderer to the ocean. Wandering for long enough can bring the wanderer to zone 4. Entering zone 4 works when the wanderer has been zone 3 for seven days the lights starts to flicker until fully going out of power, when the lights go on the wanderer will appear in zone 4 of this level. A more safe way of exiting zone 3 is just as easy going back the the way you came through zone 2. Zone 4 is relay unsafe and really unsecured. The level is infested with entity’s having five times of entities compared to zone 3. This zone is the biggest challenge of the level. This zone looks like a ruined apartment turned into rubble above a static void. Some how going into the void will bring the wanderer to the Beginning of zone 4. It is recommended to run as fast as you can to exit this zone once at end of the zone there will be a static door that leads to zone 5. There are no other exits to this zone. Zone 5 is an empty space looking like an apartment complex accept it does not exist. The level is a kind of void known as filled voids. The level shapes into the biggest dreams of the wanderer and this effect is known to raise sanity. To exit this zone you can wait eight to twenty minutes in order to leave to level 1002

Basses and outpost
No known outposts are on the level

Entrances And Exits
•To enter this level a wanderer must enter a door in level 1000
•to exit this level a wanderer must wait in zone 5 from eight to twelve minutes to enter level 1002

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