Level 1000.1 the spectrums gate


Class 0

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The spectrums gate is a 1000 billion mile long pitch black void. Seven streams of light in the sky, each stream of light will lead to a door of the same color as the stream, the light stream are the seven main colors of the visible spectrum,

There are only two known entity’s on this level. They are the prism and the key master
The prism is an entity that reside at the center of the level, the being seems to be a triangular prism and creates the light streams
The key master is a docile entity which will greet a wanderer once they made it to one of the seven doors on the level the entity says “once you enter this door your journey is set in stone is the path you choose” it is unknown what this means

**Bases, Outposts and communities *
No bases are known here

Entrances and Exits
•The only entrance to the level is using a prism on level 1000
•The main exit is by finding one of the seven doors on the level it will bring you to level 1001
•Exiting is also possible by doing something “evil” this will bring them to level 0

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