Level 1000
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Class 2e - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • secure
  • Low Entity and non-Entity Hazards

a image of level 1000

Level 1000 is the 1001th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 1000 is a series of hallways the walls will change material color composition and Shape at random intervals One thing remains constant And that is a whole lot of wires there all over the Floors The walls the ceiling making this Makes it very hard to live in. this level has an explored radius 8799 million square miles

Whiteout event

A Whiteout is an event that happens all over the backrooms we're all levels that use electricity in some form will start to darken and electricity will become unusable but in level 1000 things get more interesting right it to an extreme brightness the weather becomes extremely hot end soon afterwards everything could go back to normal or a blackout will happen Just before a white out a huge amount of energy will be produced in level 3 I'll look like in level 1000 during a whiteout but shortly after an event similar to a total blackout will happen and the whiteout will begin

blackout event

A blackout Is a event that can only happen on level 3 and level 1000 The start of a blackout happens right after the start of a whiteout it will start on level 3 When start level 3 the level becomes dark and cold and infested with Smilers And there is a that a blackout event will happen on level 1000And when they do the way older, Destroyed, robbed, and not in the best of shape However it is temporary and after already unknown amount of time the level will look just like it did before During a blackout the walls of the level will not change at all and will stay how they were previously until the blackout ends

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) Electric hallways

  • is open for trade
  • friendly to new members
  • rotates because of whiteouts
  • Heavily guarded against threats such as entity attacks.

Entrances And Exits


  • surviving in level death for a week will take you to level 1000
  • go to level 999 with luck on your side There is a 0.01 percent chance that you can go to level 1000 by exiting the level in any way There will be a 99.9% of the time you will go to level cluster n + 1
  • No clip through a wall in level 3 or the electro scape


*Enter a door that leads to level 25.1
*Noclip back into level 3 or The Electroscape
*Get randomly teleported to level cluster n + 1

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