Level 1000 - "010101 181818"
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A photo of Level 1000's entrance.

Warning: This article contains suicidal topics and thoughts

Level 1000 is the 1001th level of the Backrooms. It is considered to be the first level of Cluster II of the Backrooms.


Level 1000 appears to be a small white room luminated by a singular white light in the middle of the room's ceiling. The room has no other promptly distinct features except for a door present in the level's right wall. This door is dark grey and has a singular knob fixed to it, there are rumors that opening this door can lead back to reality, although this remains unconfirmed since there is no known way to open said door. Every attempt made to open Level 1000's door has resulted in failure, not only this, anybody who tries to will be cursed by a "bad-luck charm" for the rest of their lives. Since the level's discovery on 05/23/1852, it has been deemed 'impossible' to leave by the M.E.G and Wanderers alike. Since every attempt to no-clip has also resulted in failure, people trapped in Level 1000 usually end up taking their lives in a estimated time period of 2.5 days.

In one of the corners of the room lies a small round table, on top of this table lies a singular knife covered in blood with a message in front of it reading "For those who commit it, they will regret it", it is unknown what this message is suppose to mean, although some Wanderers link with the feeling of committing suicide. When trying to record or photograph the knife, the video or image will censor it self with a effect similar of that of Level 12, but instead of a glitchy video or image, the knife will censor itself with it's own blood reading "Don't photograph me".

Additional Content:

There have been multiple letters and documents found scattered across the room, some of these were disposed of while others were sent off to M.E.G Research Headquarters (MRH), some of these have been documented, the following will be mentioned bellow:

Letter No. 1:

From: Joey Sanders
To: Clementine Paul

"My dear Clementine, I wish I could one day see you again, this nightmare is never ending, but when I escape it, I'm sure to reunite with you, and we'll start a family together again. I hope one day to hold you in my arms again, but, only God can be sure, since my fate is in his arms…"

May 18, 1921


In Level 1000, no entities nor creatures have been recorded nor photographed since it's discovery.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There have been multiple Bases, Outposts, and Communities in Level 1000 over the course of more than 170 years of it being discovered, but because the level has no known escape, the people that consist of the group usually end up taking their own lives, after this, the rest follow too…

Entrances And Exits:


The only known way to enter Level 1000 is to pass the challenges shown in Level 999, after doing so, a floating black door will appear with carvings reading "Level 1000", when entering said door, it will lead to Level 1000.


Level 1000 has no known exits, apart from that one thing called "Suicide"…

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