-10.5 "The Lost Hospital"

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Level -10.5 is the loneliest Level out of them all. Level -10.5 is an infinite old 1950s style hospital, its endless halls and repeating paintings may give off a comfy feeling, like you've been here before. Rooms sprouting off the main hallway can be found, but are very rare, if you do find one there will be a high chance of finding nothing in the rooms but there is a chance of finding a bed without a mattress, and old bedside-table with a old (non functioning) radio on top of it or an old wheelchair.

The paintings of Level -10.5 will appear different to each person who views them, but no matter who sees them, it will always be a place that makes you feel safe. If you try to take down one of these paintings they will teleport back to the original position of that painting when you drop it.

The floor of level Level -10.5 is composed of old marble or sometimes limestone, if somehow you grind up the limestone and consume it, you will slowly choke to death.

Reports say that hearing construction and working Hospital equipment noises is common.


No entitys have been Reported, but there might be something.

Entrances And Exits:


No clipping through one of the doors in Level ! has a small chance of leading into Level -10.5.


No Exits have been recorded and/or found.

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