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Level 1 is the 2nd Level of the Backrooms.

It is roughly the same as Level 0, with only a few major differences.

Exact descriptions of Level 1 vary somewhat, though most major details remain the same. The floor of this level has been described as being many things, like grass, sand, pavement, etc. But the grimy concrete walls and low-hanging fog are almost always the same. In some places, the walls have been poorly painted with scenery to match the floor, but no one knows why.

However, the most common "theme" in Level 1 is similar to the mono-yellow design of Level 0. The key differences are concrete walls instead of wallpaper, tile floors instead of carpet, and dimmer fluorescent lights. Beings typically lurk at or above Level 1. All entities live here

There are multiple ways of reaching Level 1. Like other levels, it can be reached randomly with stairs, elevators, and hallways, and one also has a small chance of landing here when No-Clipping into the Backrooms. In addition, at any point, there's a chance the lights will begin to flicker on and off. Eventually, the lights will turn off for minutes or hours at a time. While the lights are off, this Level becomes very dangerous, so bring a light source if you're exploring.

Level 1 is home to The Hub.

Colonies And Outposts
B.N.T.G. 'Traders Keep':
Traders Keep is a huge city complex.
Has around 412 Inhabitants.
Has working city departments, like police, and fire departments.
Traders Vault is the main place for all of the supplies for The Backrooms's Wanderers.
Traders Vault is set up in The Storage Hall in Level 1.
Keeps communications with The M.E.G.
Entrances And Exits:
Get here from Level 0. In Level 11, if you walk into a building, you may end up here. If you climb one of the trees in Level 11.1 you will have a chance of entering Level 1. Open one of the doors in Level 4.1 to enter this Level. Enter one of the unlocked doors in Level 54 to get to Level 1. Walking through one of the doors in Level 82 can lead you to Level 1. The end of the fifth event in Level 92 can lead you here. You can get here after completing The King's trial in Level 94. Noclip through any ceiling in Level 283's Lounges to get to Level 1

You can leave Level 1 by simply continuing to explore the Backrooms. Level 1 usually leads to Level 2 or back to Level 0. In Level 1, it is possible to find "Holes" in the walls that will lead to Level 19 which are very rare. Entering a dark wall can rarely lead to Level 28. Rarely, you may be transported to Level 38 randomly. Noclip through the ceiling and you will be at a party! =)


Aranea Membri are said to measure approximately 7 ft in height and 8 ft in length, though their exact size remains unknown as they are too fast to be observed closely. These entities will always emerge suddenly from the ceilings of indoor levels, and proceed to chase down Wanderers in an attempt to trample under their limbs.

When hunting, Aranea Membri are able to reach speeds of up to 50 mph, though it is only able to reach these speeds in levels with long enough hallways. Aranea can also use their momentum to knock over obstacles and break down walls, or instantly crush their target. After a successful hunt, these entities will drag the victim through the hole from which they emerged and disappear from view. To date, no Wanderer has dared explore these holes in the ceiling.

Despite their otherworldly appearance, Spider Legs are ultimately nothing more than wild animals, and susceptible to mortal wounds and sickness same as any other creature. Carefully-planned traps and mundane weaponry are enough to terminate a specimen, as demonstrated by anonymous researchers (here). The high velocity speeds they produce are indeed a danger, but Wanderers can easily make use of sharp turns to force the Spider Legs' to slow considerably. Their low intelligence also shows that they are quick to forget prey once out of sight for 1-3 minutes standard time.

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