Level i



Level i is an enigmatic level of The Backrooms. It consists of grey hallways. The walls are covered in something that resembles the TV static and slowly changes it's look over time. "Level i" was also described by all wanderers to look pixelated. As it turns out it is just an illusion and the level doesn't seem to be glitched at all. On most of the walls there are posters with strange equations and numbers that don't really make any sense such as "n+1=n", "log(-1)", "esqrt(-2)"

Wanderers in this level may encounter various entities seen in many other levels. As it turns out, they're all imaginary and are not real. While trying to interact with any entity in this level, it starts to disappear.

Colonies and Outposts:

There are no known colonies and outposts. If you see one it is most likely imaginary.

Entrances And Exits:


There is only one known way of entering Level i which is by breaking the ceilling in Level 0 and climbing on top of it. TV static will appear before your eyes and after a few seconds you will appear in the Level i.


To exit Level i you have to find a rare poster that says "SQUARE UP". When you touch it, you will be transported to the Level -1.

There are also two unconfirmed ways of exiting Level i which is by breaking the floor in this level and going back to Level 0 or breaking the ceilling in Level i and going to another level which is theorized to be Level 2i, but overall it's existence hasn't been confirmed yet.

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