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A picture of level N/A taken by an unknown photographer.


A photo of a hallway with a piece of it's roof missing.


Another photo of a hallway in level N/A.


A photo of an office in the level.


A photo of a hallway in a boiler room.


A photo of a factory area.

Level 220 "The Schutztruppe's Factory" is the (N/A)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


Level 220 is an decrepit and abandoned set of interconnected buildings that resemble a WWII-era factory. Entities called the "Schutztruppe" inhabit the level, which are deadly entities that seem to be manifestations of WWII-era German soldiers, wearing gas masks that seem to be a part of their face. They are often seen carrying gas-powered rifles and known for their violent behavior. The Schutztruppe are believed to be manifestations of the memories and fears of soldiers who fought in the war. They are relentless and will stop at nothing to protect their territory.

Level 220 is labyrinthine, with twisted and rusted machinery blocking the way and making navigation difficult. The level consists of four main sections, the boiler rooms, the work offices, the factory areas, and the central sector. These sections vary in size and danger.

The Boiler Rooms

The boiler rooms, located in the lower floors of the level, are the source of power for the entire level. The room is large and cavernous, filled with enormous boilers and machinery that fill the space with heat and noise. The Schutztruppe are known to be especially aggressive in these areas. The boilers are old and rusting, and the machinery is in a state of disrepair, making it a dangerous and unstable environment. Hounds are prominent in these areas, who have made their dens among the machinery. These boiler rooms are also a key location for finding supplies and resources, as they are known to contain valuable materials that can be -used for crafting and survival. The boiler rooms are sections that are very difficult to navigate and temperatures are documented to reach up to 104°F (40°C.) The boiler rooms equipment are unstable and sometimes explode causing deadly injuries.

The Work Offices

The work offices on the upper level of the factory were once used by the factory workers and managers. The offices are now abandoned and in a state of disrepair, but they still contain valuable resources such as paper, ink, and other office supplies. The offices are also known to contain valuable information, such as blueprints and schematics of the factory. Though these areas are plentiful in materials, Skinstealers have taken up residence in these areas making it dangerous to traverse them. Skinstealers in the area have imitated the appearance of office workers and managers. Skinstealers in these areas are particularly aggressive, and will attack anyone who enters the offices. These offices take up the smallest space of the level.

The Factory Areas

The factory areas of the factory on the ground level were once used for the production of goods. The areas are now abandoned and in a state of disrepair, but they still contain valuable resources such as tools, machinery, and raw materials. Hounds are plentiful in these areas, making their homes in the abandoned machinery. The working areas are also a key location for finding supplies and resources, as they are known to contain valuable materials that can be used for crafting and survival. These areas are especially dangerous, as the machinery is still active, and the conveyor belts can still be running. Navigating these areas requires caution, as the Schutztruppe use the conveyor belts to their advantage, ambushing unsuspecting wanderers. These areas are the largest of the level and are a hazard due to the unstable machinery.

The Central Sector

The Central Sector is the most dangerous area of the factory. hazardous chemicals, made up of unstable flooring and roofing that fall apart easily, making it a death trap for any explorer. The Schutztruppe are particularly active in this area, and it is also home to a deadly entity known as the "Allgemeines."

The Central Sector is a dangerous area where the entities are especially aggressive and will attack on sight. These areas are filled with twisted and rusted machinery, making navigation difficult and dangerous. The Schutztruppe are known to patrol these areas, and the hounds and Skinstealers are also known to be active in these areas. The Schutztruppe's Factory is a level that should only be explored by wanderers who are prepared and have previous experience exploring dangerous levels. If not, this level can cost you your life, or your team's lives.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities in this level due to the entities and environmental hazards in the level.

Entrances And Exits


There are few entrances to level N/A, but they are easy to access. In level 3 by opening a gate labeled "1940" and entering it will cause you to end up here. By breaking a 1940's-era piece of machinery in level 20 will lead you here.


Exiting is a difficult task due to the infestation of entities, though it is possible. To exit to level 566 find a door in a boiler room labeled "BR" and enter it. To exit to level 22 enter a sector of the labor area labeled "Automotive Production."

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