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Level 389 After The Conteri Phase.

Level 389 Is The 390th Level Of The Backrooms. It Was Discovered On 5/24/2020.


Level 389 Is A Distorted Mansion Complex On It Sitting On Top Of A Floating Island In An Empty Void. The Mansion's Contents Consists Of A Lobby, A Large Kitchen, A Living Room, 4 Bedrooms, A Hedge Maze, And A Swimming Pool.

It Seems That The Floating Island Shrouded In Complete Darkness, Lit By Streetlamps And Lights From The Mansion. Jumping Off Of The Island And Into The Void Will Result In Being Teleported To A Random Area Outside Of The Mansion. The Things Surrounding The Mansion Is Thought To Change Without Warning, But The Explorer That Came To This Level Mentioned That He Didn't See Any Sorts Of Change Happening During His Visit In This Level. In The Kitchen, Various Sorts Of Drinks Are Available Like Almond Water, Cashew Water, And Even Pre-warmed Lucky O' Milk. These Restock Every Hour With Some Kind Of Assortment.

There Are Only Two Known Threats In This Level. A Single Entity Inhabits This Level, Entity 99, Who Calls Herself "The Gatekeeper". She Is A Baleful Being That's Obsessed With Chaos And Guarding The Mansion On Level 389. If She Detects You Entering It, She Will Approach You Slowly. Attempting To Run Will Result In The Exits Of The Level Magically Closing And Locking Up. When She Catches You, She Will Talk You Into Why You Wanted To Enter The Mansion And And Then Punish You In A Twisted Way. She Claims That Anyone Who Enters The Mansion's Boundaries Are "Trespassing".

The Conteri Effect

This Event Could Happen Randomly. Once This Starts, The Entire Level Starts To Turn Green And Turn Unstable. After A Few Minutes Of This Event Starting, Tar-like Substance Puddles Will Start Forming. They Start As Tiny Drops And Could Grow Up From A Simple Puddle To A Minor Flood. Almost All Of Them Morph Into A Greenish Replica Of The Gatekeeper. These Replicas May Instantly Attack You When Formed, No Matter If You Are In The Mansion Or Not. Some Of These Form As Siamese Twins With 4 Arms In Total. Be Careful Because The Siamese Twins Could Attack More Efficiently Than Normal Replicas. The Conteri Effect May Last For Over A Day If Not A Few Months. Whenever The Conteri Effect Ends, The Replicas Will Disentangrate And The Level Stabilizes Again, Although The The Greenish Look Won't Wear Out For Another Month.

The First Instance Of This Happening Is Around 6 Months After Level 389 Was Discovered.

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