Krante1's Secret Level Idea
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"you did it. you actually did it. you reached the end. there is nothing left to see, to do, to think. all that remains is a featureless white void. come sit with me, fellow immortal. we have a long time to spend together."



the truerooms are beyond your understanding.


the truerooms are the truth about everything, about the universe, about you. it is beyond anything and everything the human brain can comprehend. you do not have what it takes, and you never will.

the truerooms are the base of reality, the reason behind all that happens, no assortment of mortal, immortal, or divine words/any other forms of communication could possibly describe the true magnitude, beauty, and horror of that which defies all forms of understanding.

Colonies and Outposts

the truth is too much for anyone to get it. colonies are useless, those who peer beyond the unknown are broken of mind beyond what is considered impossible.

Entrances And Exits:


accepting the truth. understanding beyond.


kneeling for infinity. collapsing before ███████.

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