Level -420 "A Stoner's Heaven, or A Place to Die?"
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Class high

  • Unsecured
  • Intoxicating Effect
  • Dangerous Unknown Entity

Level -420 is the 419th Negative Level of the Backrooms.


One of the many dispensaries found in this level


level -420 starts you off in an endless hallway it goes on forever in both directions the hallway is lined with green doors which always lead to marijuana dispensaries nobody seems to be working the dispensaries, but they seem to be chocked full of merchandise they seem to be stocked up to standard code as would be considered acceptable to the montana medical marijuana board if you came for weed then get your weed and get out as fast as you can sometimes you can hear people chattering about getting high and transactions of people buying weed there is also an aroma of weed in the air and sometimes you feel slightly high though no where near as high as you would be if you smoked weed let alone what the main entity of this level does to you

you can find a strain called backrooms cush inside the dispensaries it's buds are hot pink colored and it doesn't get people high like regular weed does it has an aroma of pine trees with a hint of crude oil and a hint of pineapple instead if smoked will cause the wanderer to go to another level if smoked in a pipe the wanderer will go to a level between 0 and 11 but not 7 bongs always send you to level 7 Bubblers always send you to a random enigmatic level check your weed to see if it has gone bad bad weed sends you to level -11

you can also find a strain called almond weed that makes you high but repels hostile entities it looks like normal weed but it smells like dirty gym socks

you can also find cashew weed that also makes you high but also attracts hostile entities it is forest green and smells like rotten flesh Avoid this strain at all costs. It will never aid you

some have found that combining almond water with almond weed that has been decarboxylated then drying the weed out and eating it not only adds the effects of the almond water to the weed but during your high smilers run in fear of you

Bases, Outposts and Communities

forming an outpost or community is difficult to impossible due to the danger posed by the entity present too high to form an outpost

Additional Content

an entity that most wanderers would call the puff wanders this level it appears as a sphere of smoke that floats around the room it is even capable of clipping through walls freely if it catches you you will immediately start feeling very high the first thing you will notice is that you will suddenly want to relax and chill fight it and get out as fast as you can if you don't things will start to blur and the level will feel like it is rocking on the sea and you will likely develop dry mouth you might end up with extreme nausea and even projectile vomit after that your body will feel strange and you will get very clumsy and you might develop the munchies and start forgetting things and finally you stop caring about anything but chilling even drinking the almond water that you would need to stay hydrated if you decided to stay this long you are doomed because the high will never go away as long as you live you just chill until you die

Entrances And Exits


  • if you open a green colored door in either level 1 level 2 or level 3 you will have a 2.4% chance of ending up here
  • if you no-clip into a cannabis sativa plant in an outdoor level you have a 4.2% chance of ending up here


  • in order to exit the level you need to find the correct kind of weed as stated above and something to smoke it in there seems to be a color code that determines what level you will end up on but that is currently being investigated for now take a puff out of your pipe to go to any level before 9 except 7
  • take a bong hit instead to go to level 7
  • smoke out of a bubbler to go to a random enigmatic level
  • smoke some bad weed to go to level -11

If you find balloons hanging in a doorway, it is us having a party =)

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