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A tunnel within the depths of Level 151.

Level 151 is the 152nd level of the Backrooms.


Level 151 is a labyrinthine network of dark, cramped tunnels that resemble the insides of lead pipes or sewers. It is theorized that this level is an alternate manifestation of the insides of Level 2's piping.

This level is home to a considerable amount of entities. Hounds, Facelings, Wretches, Female Deathmoths, Skin-Stealers, Dullers, Smilers, Clumps and Bursters can all be found frequently. The already significant danger of these entities is amplified tremendously by the size of the tunnels. The average Wanderer will need to kneel or crawl to traverse these tunnels, and many of them are not wide enough to turn around in. It is nearly impossible to escape an entity on this level due to this, and Wanderers must come prepared for a fight.


One of the mysterious rings of light in Level 151.

In addition, due to the isolating nature of this level, staying in this level for too long dramatically increases the chance of you turning into a Wretch. It is recommended to travel this level in groups of two, facing opposite directions to defend against attacks from both sides, and to prevent the Wretched Cycle.

Several attempts to map out the contents of Level 151 have been made, but all have ended in failure. The labyrinth spans an uncounted number of miles, both vertically and horizontally, and actively shifts at all times. There are numerous places where horizontal pipes will suddenly lead upwards at a 90° incline or more. Temperatures can vary wildly between roughly -23°C (-10°F) and 32°C (90°F). Descending lower will generally lead to lower temperatures. The opposite is true for ascending. The area behind you is much more liable to shifting as you traverse. If you manage to turn around at any point, you may find that the pathway you just came from is vastly different. At times, mysterious rings of light will flash along the tunnel walls. There is no current explanation for this phenomenon, but it is known to attract Smilers.


Another tunnel in Level 151 depicting a ring of light.

It is not recommended to bring a light into this level, as doing so will attract hostile entities. It is not uncommon to hear several miscellaneous sounds, such as footsteps, heavy breathing, and machinery coming from outside the walls of the pipes. There is no known source for these sounds. No matter how disoriented you become, do not follow them. They will most likely lead you to hostile entities. While traversing this level, it is highly suggested that you make as little noise as possible. You must do your absolute best not to catch the attention of any entity, because they can move much faster and nimbler through these tunnels than you can.

The air in this level is very stale and stagnant, making it difficult to breathe properly. Common side effects of breathing in the air in Level 151 over extended periods of time include nausea, dizziness, disorientation, vomiting, extreme fatigue, and eventually, death.

There have been countless attempts to break out of the tunnels by creating openings in the walls. It has been discovered that the tunnels are surrounded by an unidentified mineral that releases a poisonous gas when struck. This gas quickly disperses throughout the labyrinth and kills anyone within a mile's radius. Thus, it is imperative that you do not attempt this.

There are no major landmarks or constant features to orient yourself by in this level. The best strategy to survive in this level is to press onwards relentlessly and quickly, and hope that you don't encounter an entity. There is no turning back.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There is not enough space in this level for any groups of people to exist.

Entrances And Exits:


Deliberately holding onto a rusty lead pipe in Level 2 for over a minute will lead you to Level 151. It also also to enter by doing the same on Level 11. Travelling down a narrow section of Level 34 will occasionally lead to Level 151, but you will have to find a different gateway if you want to return to Level 34. The darkest parts of the sewers of Level 155 and Level 76 will likely lead here.


The only known exit from Level 151 is to continue onwards until you find a mesh grate covering the pathway down a tunnel. Breaking through the mesh grate will lead you into a random part of Level 34. This exit is found infrequently, and many Wanderers have died to entities, starvation, or the Wretched Cycle before being able to locate an exit. Come prepared.

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