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Entity #4629 “The Deathspeaker

Habitat(s): Level(s) 8,9,666,611,411,209

This “thing” resides in some early levels, but also later levels. It is particularly hostile on levels 8, 9, and 666. Only a handful of wanderers have seen this entity on any other levels.


Entity 4729 resides in the early levels, as well in some later ones. Only a handful have seen it, but it’s under investigation by M.E.G Officers. It is advised to stay away from this entity at all costs.


This entity’s behavior is very complicated, but can be summarized. It attacks anyone on sight, and has superhuman strength/stamina. It can be calmed with the “Deathspeaker Toy.” Many have claimed to have calmed it down with other objects, but it’s proven it be false.


This entity has a long, slender like appearance. It wears a black cloak, and a top hat. It’s mouth is a monstrous abomination with gaping jaws and teeth that can only be described as “To sharp to comprehend.” It can change into another form, but how it does this is not yet known. The entity’s second form is reported to be similar to the “Mangled” entity. Further study has shown the mangled and this entity are biologically related, and are very docile around each other.


No one knows who truly first discovered this entity, as at one point, many reports of it popped up around M.E.G bases.

Dos and Don'ts:


-Stay away from this entity at all costs.


-Attempt to tame it
-Attempt to calm it with any item besides the “Deathspeaker Toy”
-Go near it
-Attack it, doing so will result in failure


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