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Level 770’s area with quartz floor and bright blue sky

Level 770 is the 771st Level of the Backrooms.


Level 770 known as Endlessly Flat is a flat level similar to Level 998. The area is Flat with white quartz floor and bright blue sky clouds with no sun; The level has no daylight cycle. The level is basically Devoid of entities making travelers almost safe to explore. The only way escaping the level is going up through the Blue cloudy sky which is near impossible to go through (Human help is needed).


Boundary between Quartz floor with the barren rocky desert

Exploring The level over 572,000+ km can find a boundary between the clean Quartz floor and a flat barren Desert. Going further is possible with the problem that wanderers & travelers who go here stay shortly due to low supplies traveling the infinite rocky desert. Only 91 have reported to escape and documented the level. It is fully advised to no go through (unless bringing people) or get trapped in the level.

Human colony/outpost are almost impossible due to lack of supplies, people and needs to survive. Prepare for Supplies of Food, Items and Utilities before going to Level 770.


Level 770’s barren Desert (after exploring 572,000+ km**)

Barren Desert

The barren Desert is a infinite flat rocky desert bordered by Quartz floor at the beginning. The desert Contains only sand & grey-colored pebbles; Temperature is 24C yet harsh to explore in. Only a few travelers explored and left the area for a short time due to low supplies to stay.


Bases, Outposts and Communities

  • No Human settlements and outposts has been established due to lack of food, supplies and People.

Entrances And Exits:


  • (Needs entrance)
  • (Needs Entrance)


  • Going up through the Level’s cloudy sky can lead to Level 714

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