Level -69
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Class Alef

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Undocumented Entities

The Only Known Photo of Level -69

Level -69 is an enigmatic level of the backrooms.


Level -69 is a cold and foggy dirt road that is surrounded by a never-ending deep forest, the dirt road seems to follow the same direction all the time no matter how far you go and there is no day-night cycle. Due to it's mysterious properties, not much is known, and it is not recommended to enter this level.

People who enter Level -69 wake up after being unconscious and usually don't remember how they got in the level. Losing sanity in this level occurs in a pretty fast rate, so it is advised to remain calm at all times.

Devices like smartphones or GPS's don't work in this level and the reason for that is unknown. The only known photo of Level -69 has been taken by a Polaroid camera found in a corpse in Level 37, along with a journal detailling how Level -69 is.

There hasn't been any documented sightings of actual entities in this level. Some wanderers have reported seeing creatures in the forest, but this is highly doubted, wanderers who reported these sightings demonstrated severe sanity loss, probably caused by the conditions present in Level -69.

Survival Guide

When waking up in Level -69, some specific items are needed for survival, because the only safe way out is to walk a very far distance in the dirt road. The list of items are:

  • A Coat - This is necessary due of the low temperatures of Level -69.
  • Almond Water - Good to hydrate and sustain your mental stability.
  • Sleeping Bag - The journey may take long, and sometimes you'll want to take a rest.
  • Snacks - Since you need to walk a very long distance, food is also needed to survive.
  • Clothes - It is pretty easy to get dirty in Level -69, and getting an infection in this level because of dirty clothes can be really dangerous, that's why clean clothes are needed.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases or outposts in Level -69, due to the harsh conditions contained in the level.

Entrances And Exits:


The only known entrance to Level -69 is by one rare door in Level -1, the door can be identified as the standard Level -1 door, but being very moist to the touch and growing multiple fungus and mold. If you find a door with these descriptions, it most likely will lead you to this level, it is not advised to enter this level, specially if you're unprepared.


It seems that exploring the forest can take you to various forest levels, the only levels that have been documented by now are Level 14, Level -4, Level 37, The Crimson Forest and there has been a single report of a wanderer ending up in Level 666. The only known safe exit is a little wooden house that you will very rarely find walking in the road, and trying to enter the house will take you to Level 0.

M.E.G. Observation: Be aware that the forest may take you to countless unknown and possible dangerous levels. Exiting the level by exploring the forest is heavily discouraged due to the dangers it provides.

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