K0r0bka - Object 73 - Flash Drive
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Regular OBJECT_TYPE=73.


OBJECT_TYPE=73 with lid.


OBJECT_TYPE=73 looks like a regular THING_TYPE=FLASH DRIVE from FRONTROOMS. OBJECT_TYPE=73 is quite fragile, so care should be taken not to ACTION_TYPE=BREAK or ACTION_TYPE=DAMAGE at all. However, sometimes there is a version of OBJECT_TYPE=73 with a lid, which allows not so much ACTION_TYPE=WORRY about this.


OBJECT_TYPE=73 have different programs. To find these programs, insert OBJECT_TYPE=73 into any THING_TYPE=COMPUTER and go to the data sticks next to the disks.

Below is a list of programs through which you can get to different levels (and not only). To start the program (to get to different levels) double click on the program.

  • Paradise - with this program you get to NUMBER_404 LEVEL.
  • One True - with this program you will get to NUMBER_-0 LEVEL.
  • M1ND 8N5 PR0GR8M - this program will get you to NUMBER_400 LEVEL.


OBJECT_TYPE=73 can be found at levels such as: NUMBER_400 LEVEL, NUMBER_404 LEVEL, NUMBER_-0 LEVEL, and NUMBER_512 LEVEL, but is most commonly found at NUMBER_512 LEVEL.

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