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Level 303 is the 304'th level of the Backrooms.


Level 303 appears to be a level that is made out of metal and steel, with rooms that repeat themselves. The floor is made out of metal platforms that form a ring around the room, forming a large bottomless void in the middle. The walls and floor appear to all be made out of stainless steel and other metals. In the middle of the room is a large endless void with contains a collection of pipes and other miscellaneous objects, it has been confirmed that there is almond water in these pipes, but some pipes can also contain small amounts of liquid mercury as well and can be lethal.
The level follows a 24 hour clock and when it's daytime, it always stays at a cool 8°C. But when its nighttime, it can be as cold as -5°C.


Picture taken of the metal platforms in level 303.

The Glass Panes

Some locations might have a metal door that leads to a small room with a large window that is the size of one of the walls, with a blue sky and clouds outside, if the window is broken, the sky on the other side of the window seems to disappear and only lead to a wall on the other side, it is not confirmed if the sky on the opposite side of the window is real, but the sky seems to always emit a constant wind noise.

The Spiral Stairway

Some rooms do not follow the same pattern as the other ones, and instead of having a void in the middle and the metal platforms that form a ring around it, it can be a cylindrical room with a spiral stairway that circles downwards. They can either stop after just a few steps, or go on forever.

The Storage Rooms

In The Spiral Stairway, some stairways can end and lead into The Storage Rooms, which are more compact and smaller than normal. The room can contain small boxes that can contain different foods and items like rice, bread, flour and many different fruits. The boxes can also contain wrenches, carjacks or screws. Sometimes they can also contain liquid pain in tube form.


It is very uncommon to see entities in this level, but skincrawlers can be seen very rarely.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The People Made Out Of Metal

  • The People Made Out Of Metal is a group of people that consists of 17 men and women at varying ages. They decided to stay at the level because there is enough food and resources to stay there. They are open to trade and accept newcomers into the group.

Entrances And Exits


In Level 654, if you find a metal door that has the label "Storage unit 303" it will lead to level 303.


Very rarely, a rusty metal door can appear and disappear randomly and different locations, opening it will lead to level 99.

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