Level 740 is the 741st level of the Backrooms.


Class unknown

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Level 740 appears to be a regular lake at first glance. When one first arrives at this level, they find themselves on a sandy beach. Some of the sand is wet, but further up the beach the sand is dry. There are plain grass banks hemmed in by forest on every other side. Due to unknown reasons, it is not possible to travel more than 20 feet away from the edge of the lake. If one attempts to do so, they will subtly be turned back towards the beach without realizing it. There is no way to get around this. Nothing of interest is present in the woods.

Ventuting into the lake is not harmful. The water has no harmful chemicals or excessively dangerous bacteria. The water can be dangerous if ingested, but only rarely. More often, ingesting the water will cause an infection of pinworms or other parasites. Nothing remarkable can be found near shore. However, if one were to hold their breath and dive deep into the lake, a steep drop-off can be found exactly 20 feet away from shore. The ground slopes slightly in the 20 feet before the drop-off, but it immediately plunges downward at this distance

The color of the water (from the perspective of someone in the water looking up) transitions from clear (1-3 feet) to yellowish (3-7 feet) to greenish (7-12 feet), and then the green color gets darker and darker until no light comes from the surface (about 20 feet). This is due to particles in the water blocking the light from reaching deeper.

Observation has suggested that it may be impossible to reach the bottom. M.E.G. explorers in scuba gear have attempted it, but have never succeeded. They have reported some interesting bits of information, though. Apparently, according to one such explorer, the lake doesn’t expand or contract at all past the drop-off. It continues downward in the same cylindrical shape. Another reports that somehow, he was able to swim extremely deep into the lake, but water pressure never affected him. Research cannot confirm why this is the case. It seems impossible, but somehow in this level, nothing is affected by water pressure. This level has several other anomalous properties, but those will be best explained by those who witnessed them firsthand. Explanations of sounds present on the voice recordings can be found in between asterisks.

Log 1: Major Andrew Stone

<Begin Log>

I can’t believe they sent me to explore this level… I could be exploring some other, more EXCITING level, but they sent me to this stupid lake instead! Might as well get it over with.

*Shuffling sounds can be heard from him getting into his wetsuit. The log cuts off at this point.*

Major Stone reporting again. The lake seems to have some anomalous properties that I can’t put my finger on. First off, my depth gauge reports that I am around 107 feet underwater, but I feel no increase in water pressure. At all. It’s almost like I’m not affected. Second, there is like nothing alive here. No fish or underwater entities or anything. There’s not even any algae, and the sides of the lake have no seaweed growing on them. It’s quite disconcerting. Not to mention the fact that the walls, though made of dirt and sand, aren’t collapsing. I’m going to continue going deeper.


This place is freaking weird. It’s been like an hour, and there’s still no increase in water pressure! And somehow, my air tanks have hardly depleted at all. I’ve been using my high-power flashlight to navigate, but as I get deeper, the light doesn’t travel very far at all. There’s something really wrong here. I have goosebumps all over that aren’t going away, and it’s not just from the cold. There’s something watching me, I can feel it. The silence is unbearable. It’s like that quiet room I’ve heard of in the Frontrooms, where the decibel level is negative. It makes sense that the lake would be quiet, but I can literally hear my heart pumping and the blood in my veins. I need to get out of here before I go insane.

<Log End>

Major Stone reached a depth of around 706 feet below the surface of the water. He drank some Almond Water as soon as he reached the surface, but he still swears that the lake is too dangerous for people to explore and the level needs to be closed off as soon as possible. It has also been observed that ever since this incident, Stone has displayed a strong aversion to lakes of any kind.

Log 2: Limnologist Corinna Jenkins

Corinna did not begin her recording until she had surpassed 200 feet below the surface.

<Begin Log>

It is strange that I can dive this deep without being crushed by the pressure of the water. Not to mention my oxygen tank is still mostly full. Something unnatural is going on in this lake. And nothing is growing on the sides either… I cannot imagine why any of this is taking place. Is something trying to lure me to the depths? Is this all a big joke? It’s impossible to tell.


There’s something going on in this level. I’m telling you, I’ve reached around 800 feet in depth and haven’t been crushed or run out of air. I keep seeing things in my peripheral vision… but when I look at them, they disappear. My skin is prickling all over. I feel the overwhelming sensation of being watched. This lake gives me the creeps. It’s unnatural. Something’s so wrong here, I can’t wait to leave.


I’m now around 1500 feet deep. The light from my flashlight is only traveling about one and a half feet in front of me, and then it abruptly stops. I’ve never felt this unsettled in my life.  It feels like hundreds of eyes are watching me from just outside my field of vision. The claustrophobia… it’s a brand new sensation. And the silence… like something is holding its breath. I can only hear my own ragged breathing and the sound of my heart, but even those are strangely muffled. Wait… why do I feel pressure? It feels like I’m suddenly being squeezed! And I keep seeing things in my peripheral vision— but this time they’re getting closer! That’s it, I’m getting the hell out of here.

<End Log>

Corinna reached a depth of around 1557 feet below the surface. She was babbling nonsensically when she returned from her expedition. She was immediately given Almond Water, but still has panic attacks whenever she sees lakes (and sometimes just when lakes are mentioned.) Unfortunately, this means she can no longer follow her chosen career. M.E.G. has transferred her to an outpost far away from any lakes, and she now works as an oceanographer. (Somehow, her new fear of lakes has not carried over to any other bodies of water.) M.E.G. has decided to stop sending explorers to this level due to the mental hazard and danger. They suspect that, had Corinna traveled any deeper, she may have been transformed into an Insanity.


There is a suspicious lack of documented entities in this level.

Colonies and Outposts

Various organizations have considered establishing outposts on this level, but it is far too small for surface-level outposts. Others attempted creating underwater research stations, but during the construction of a few such stations, an inexplicable fear caused building to be permanently halted. All evidence of the structures has disappeared without a trace.

Entrances and Exits


Diving deep enough into Level 7 has a 45% chance of bringing a wanderer to this level.


Leaving the water after being deep in the lake will cause a wanderer to resurface in the water in any other level.

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