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Class 0

  • Safe & Secure
  • Harmless Entities
  • Relaxing Atmosphere

The Backrooms Breakfast is the an Enigmatic level of the Backrooms. The level appears as a moderately sized breakfast fast for restaurant, surrounded by an endless rainy black void.


The Backrooms Breakfast is an Enigmatic level of the backrooms. The level appears as moderately sized breakfast restaurant, populated by passive Facelings as workers. The Facelings operate the chas register, and work in the kitchen, which despite being only an oven, can produce all of the breakfast items on the menu, including the beverages.1 The buildings main entrance is two large café style glass doors, with a slim and slick spruce frame around it. Similar to the framing of the doors, the windows spread around the building. There's twenty windows total, one right above the table of each of the twenty booths. Each one of the booths has seats big enough for four people to sit total, two per side. On the table of the booths two things can be found: A menu, with items such as omelets, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and other common breakfast items; next to the menu is a yellow plastic card, numbered with a number one through twenty, no number will appear twice, but the tables aren't in numerical order. The tables themselves are rectangular in shape, supported with one stiff metal leg, which has a base larger than the rest of the leg in a diameter standpoint. This base is held into the floor via a method not yet discovered. The table itself is a rectangle of oak wood, which looks to have been sanded and had the corners removed. The table is also glossy, with a minor reflectiveness. The floors are hard wood, made of a crimson red wood. This wood is hypothesized to simply be oak colored red.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no Bases, Outposts, or Communities.

Entrances And Exits


Simply locating The Backrooms Breakfast within Level 11


Opening and walking through the main doors can lead to any city or town level. (EG. Level 9 or Level 11)

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