Short introduction i.e
Level 187 is the 187th Level of the Backrooms. (Level 187)


Level description __**(Level 187 is a extremely dim palace, full of long hallways, that if you walk into you will most likely not find a way out, the tunnels are made of concrete with wet pain that never drys, the hallways are covered in dry paint, a wooden floor that creaks every step you take, it is also very dusty, covered with ants, the hallways have small fans and lights swaying side to side above you.

In the tunnels, the higher you go, the hotter it gets, and it can become so hot that your flesh starts to melt, tho this is a small chance because, the door will most likely be found 10 - 20 mins into the tunnel, where it is pretty hot, about 70 Deg, this is where the paint is mostly wet.

he Entities found on this Level are some of the most dangerous in The Backrooms. Noises can be heard from inside the tunnels which are caused by Crawlers, if you go far into the infinite hallways you will at some point meet Smilers and Skin Stealers.)**__

Bases, Outposts and Communities

"There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level"

Entrances And Exits


There are only 2 known exits, one being not so dangerous, the second one is extremely dangerous and there is a small chance you'll escape alive, the first exit is a door you'll find in the hallways with a sign hanging above it swaying side to side, that in bold red color says "EXIT HERE", the second known exit, aka most dangerous, is found inside the tunnels, which at the top you will find a exit just like the one in the hallways but way dustier, most likely covered in spiders too.


The only known entrance to this level is to no-clip through the floor under the bed on level 18.

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