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The front of Level 296's laboratory

Level 296 is a large courtyard housing a seemingly unremarkable laboratory. Despite its lack of a sun or moon, the level possesses a regular 24-hour day-night cycle making it an ideal place for resting. Due to its safe environment and complete lack of hostile entities or anomalous objects, a moderately-sized community has been established on this level. This community has stocked the laboratory with furniture, household goods, and other amenities.


The courtyard is large and pleasant, surrounded by a 4-meter tall brick wall with plants and fountains. Peering over the walls reveals that there is nothing outside of the courtyard and that the level appears to be suspended in the sky — or more likely, a sky-blue void. Falling past the walls does not appear to result in no-clipping, as anyone who has fallen into this void has never been seen again.

Upon its discovery, no equipment nor furniture was present within the building. Due to the lack of dangerous entities, a moderately-sized community has populated the building and filled it with furniture. Said group claims that the building never requires any upkeep as it never deteriorates. On the upper floors, it is possible to find doors that should lead beyond the structure of the building but instead lead to instances of one of the level’s anomalous lab rooms. There are exactly 23 of these doors but only 21 of them are accessible, each leading into different instances of the different labs. Of these, 7 doors lead into Lab 1, 10 lead into Lab 2 and 4 lead into Lab 3. So far it seems the different instances of these labs are not connected at all, e.g. entering through a Lab 2 door will never lead you out of another Lab 2 door. Next to each lab door is a sign with unidentified symbols written across it. While signs of the same type of lab are similar, none are the exact same for an unknown reason.

All of the labs seem to have a similar style of architecture as the laboratory, but are significantly larger in area, have more furniture, and possess anomalous properties. It is theorised that a community that once lived here would somehow perform experiments manipulating the properties of space, including the quantity/location of it, movement through it, and the perception of it. This is further implied by the greater number of doors to Lab 1 and the even greater number of doors to Lab 2, both of which have more practical uses than Lab 3 and the inaccessible Lab 4.

According to the locals, it was once possible to “access” a 4th type of lab room through the remaining two doors, in which movement/motion did not exist, dubbed "No Space" by the locals. Anything that enters said lab would immediately cease motion upon passing the crossing point between the two sides of the doorframe. Due to this anomaly, any matter that touches this point is completely irretrievable. For example, attempting to insert a piece of chalk through the door causes it to rapidly decrease in speed halfway through. Pulling on it will snap off the majority of the chalk but at least a small, thin portion of it will remain floating in the doorway, completely irretrievable. Because of the curiosity and constant testing by random wanderers upon Level 296's initial discovery, Lab 4's doorways have been almost completely plugged up with random debris. It is still possible to see through some of the remaining gaps in the doorways but nothing remarkable can be seen in the main room.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

This level houses a single community, its size limited due to the finite space within the building.

Laboratory Community

  • Being a small, safe community, its people know each other well and are friendly to wanderers.
  • Several members of the community actively trade with passing wanderers.
  • Passersby are welcomed, but permanent residence is only granted when current residents leave the community, to ensure the level doesn't become overpopulated.

Entrances And Exits


Entering the level from Level 295 will lead one through the front gates of the courtyard, on a concrete path to the entrance of the laboratory.


Labs 2 and 3 have exits leading through to Level 297 and Level 298 respectively, in the form of an out-of-place doorframe somewhere in the middle of one of the rooms.

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