Level 770
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A picture of level 770.


Level 770 is a seed around the size of a pea. However, unlike normal seeds, level 770 is indestructible and not composed of atoms. Instead, it is a fractal, made out of scaled, rotated, and translated copies of itself. As Level 770 causes space to curve slightly for a long distance, it can be detected from far away using special equipment. This curvature becomes extreme around a centimeter from the surface of a seed. Attempting to measure the curvature from up close has resulted in obviously false results or the equipment completely breaking.

Entrances and Exits


In its current state, it entering Level 770 is considered impossible, due to it being solid and indestructible. Even if Level 770 could be entered, it is unlikely that anything other than small organism would fit in.


As entering Level 770 is currently impossible, exiting it is also impossible.

Interviewed: Jason G█████

Interviewer: Michael W█████████

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Hello Jason. As you know, we would like to ask you few questions about a certain enigmatic level you have encountered.

Jason: Has the recording started yet?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Jason: So, okay, this is about the garden one? Right?

Interviewer: Yes, the garden one. How did you find this level?

Jason: Well, I didn't really find it, you know. I just kinda came across it. So, I was walking in like this forest, and it was dusk but the sun never seemed to rise.

Interviewer: That might be level 39?

Jason: It might. Well, I'm not sure how long I had walked there when I came across this hill with two trees on top of it. I saw sunlight coming from between the trees, and after coming a bit closer, I could see there was another realm between the trees, another realm with completely different plants and time of the day. Compared to where I was, it seemed like paradise.

Interviewer: So you went in?

Jason: I didn't even hesitate.

Interviewer: Okay. What was this level like and what did you do there?

Jason: I loved it, yet I didn't know why exactly. I still don't. Being able to extinguish my hunger by eating fruit from the trees may have been a big part of it.

Interviewer: You ate fruit from the trees? That could've been dangerous.

Jason: I was hungry. And somehow, I had this strange feeling that I was… meant to eat from the trees?

Interviewer: The Backrooms sometimes give you these intuitive feelings. I understand completely what you mean.

Jason: Well, that's good, I guess. Well, so I ate from the trees, and gradually I moved deeper and deeper into the level. I came across this large opening with a large tree that had yellow fruit. Somehow, it gave me the exact opposite feeling as the other trees.

Interviewer: Describe the feeling.

Jason: Sorry, I am unable to describe it more precisely. It felt primal, I guess.

Interviewer:: Describing feelings can be hard.

Jason: Indeed. Well, I stood next to the tree and I was unsure if I should eat its fruit. I was hungry, but because of the feeling, it felt somehow wrong. I felt as if -

Interviewer: But you did end up picking the fruit?

Jason: Yes, I did. But I felt guilty so I did not eat it yet. Instead I placed it in my bag.

Interviewer: That actually explains away a lot of questions I had. And what happened after that?

Jason: I heard these whispers behind me, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I just ran away as quickly as possible. While I was running, I heard a whisper, but it was almost like it was spoken right next to my ear.

Interviewer: What did it say?

Jason: "Are you proud of this?"

Interviewer: I see.

Jason: As I ran, the ground collapsed behind me and fell into the void. I eventually ran through the two trees again and exited the realm. When I looked back, it was first just void. When I blinked, there was no path to the other realm between the trees anymore. They were just two normal trees.

Interviewer: That must be very disorienting. Well, final question. What happened to your bag after you exited the level?

Jason: Well, nothing immediately after, really. I had it with me for two more days before it got stolen in what you guys call "level 300." This is what this is really about, right?

Interviewer: Well I'm sorry, but I can't reveal you everything, some of this is classified

Jason: Uhh okay. Is this interview also classified?

Interviewer: In fact, yes. Well, you are free to go now. We will contact you later with more information.

<End Log>

**Addendum: ** A few months after the interview, Jason was later killed by a Faceling while exploring level 3 in a group comprising of 5 people. Jason was known by many as friendly and loyal. His death has personally touched many of us.
- Michael

Interviewed: Patrick S████████

Interviewer: Michael W█████████

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Hello, Patrick. As you know, we would like to ask you a few questions about your recent activities.

Patrick: Yeah, I know that, your staff have already told me that like thrice while I've been sitting on this chair for the last half an hour. Well, what are we waiting for? Could we begin already, please?

Interviewer: Actually I'm not sure if the recording device is on yet. Oh, it is. Let's begin, then.

Patrick: I'm ready.

Interviewer: So, first question: How did you act before beginning your charity effort?

Patrick: Well, to be honest, I deeply regret what I did. I was a thief. I took what wasn't mine and I had no remorse.

Interviewer: Well, it was wrong, but it is great that you don't do stuff like that anymore.

Patrick: I guess, but I feel like I will never be able to forgive myself for it. Maybe I shouldn't. All I can do now is to do what I think is right. But I am not good at that either. I was a quite rude to you a bit before the interview began.

Interviewer: Well, I forgive you for the last part. And anyways, what we were doesn't matter much here. I've interviewed lots of people, with different histories and personalities. Nobody is perfect.

Patrick: But I… uhh. I… forget it.

Interviewer: I guess we should change topic. We have some questions for you.

Patrick: Yes, let's move on.

Interviewer: So, your behavior now is quite distinct from what it used to be. Could you describe the circumstances that led to you becoming more like what you are today.

Patrick: Often change happens slowly. However, for me, I feel like the change happened suddenly. It was triggered by an experience. I've changed a bit since then, but not that much. I assume you know the experience I am talking about? Do I have to describe it?

Interviewer: Yes, we do know a bit about your experience. But we'd like to learn more.

Patrick: So, I was doing the kind of stuff I did back them. You know… stealing. I was in level 300, I think, when I stole this one bag. I had already exited the level when I looked inside, so I am not sure. There wasn't really anything that valuable in there. To me, that is. I'm sure the original owner thinks differently.

Interviewer: What was it like?

Patrick: It wasn't like a lot like anything else than what it was like. I don't know what was in this fruit, but it had a massive effect on me. I felt like I was looking at my life from another point of view. I felt like I was the people I stole from. I felt like I was a judge, and I was looking at my life like it was someone else's. I was judging my past actions and sentencing myself to hell. I recalled memories I didn't want to remember and days I had forgot.

Interviewer: Did you see hallucinations or was it all just very strong feelings?

Patrick: I did see, and hear, a lot of hallucinations, but many of them were very abstract. A lot of them were just colors and patterns. I also heard whispers, but they felt like echos, and not like someone was talking to me.

Interviewer: That all must've been extremely overwhelming,

Patrick: It was. After it was over, I cried. I hadn't cried in years. Well, it's all coming back to me now.

Interviewer: Do you feel like you can continue?

Patrick: I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. Could we continue later?

Interviewer: Yes, we can. However, before this interview ends, I'd like to ask you a question. So, we'd like to have a sample of the fruit for chemical analysis. I understand if you don't, and -

Patrick: Here it is. I put it in the pocket of this jacket and haven't taken it out of there once until now. You can have it all.

Interviewer: Thanks. Also, thanks for being here with us. Have a good day.

Object 770

Note | 7/15/2023: The type of this entry has later been retroactively adjusted, and the entry is no longer up to date in other ways as well. I'm archiving this one.

Note | 5/6/2031: This entry is now unclassified. Happy unclassifying day, file object_770! The name of this entry will soon be altered to reflect this change.


Object 770 is seed around the size of pea. Object 770 came from a yellow fruit, which is believed to possess several mind-altering abilities potentially useful to the M.E.G. However, these abilities could also be used for evil if they ended up in the wrong hands. A such, this entry has been marked as classified. It has been theorized that Object 770 can be used to grow more yellow fruit. There have been several proposals to set up a place where the seed could be planted and observed safely. Recently, a proposal known as proposal-770-6 written by researcher Michael W. has been accepted. The project will commence soon.

Summary of proposal-770-6 (original length: 6 pages)

A suitable area in level 10 with several barns or stables shall be chosen. The suitable area shall be fenced off to ward off entities and unwanted wanderers. A laboratory and other facilities necessary for research shall be constructed inside the buildings. In addition, accommodation shall be constructed inside the buildings (likely) or somewhere close by (unlikely). An entity shelter with communications to other M.E.G. outposts in the level shall be established within the fenced off area. Object 770 shall be planted in a location within the area where the conditions match Jason's observations as closely as possible. It shall be observed 3 times a day and it shall be watered when watering would be beneficial. Fertilizer shall be regularly applied to increase growth. The safety of the team experimenting with object 770 shall be a priority.

Like with object 770 itself, the existence, location and purpose of this new outpost shall be classified.


Class 3

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A picture of level 770.

Level WIP is the (WIP+1)'nd Level of the Backrooms.


Level WIP is a large network of caves, cracks, and large air pockets in dirt. These stuctures are supported by roots with various different properties.

Some of the roots are hollow, and large enough for a human to fit inside them and walk around. These roots can be entered by holes on their surface. They form a separate network of tunnels. Walking in the direction where the diameter of the root gets smaller will lead to several branching paths, which will all however eventually lead to a dead end. Walking in the opposite direction will lead to the roots getting bigger, and eventually going more and more upwards and starting to spiral.

After continuing the roots enough, the walls of the roots slowly turn more woodlike and the roots start to merge faster and faster until they all meet up under a large dome made out of glass. Some of panels of the dome don't have collision, and can be no clipped through effortlessly. The sky is visible, but it is always night. No stars are visible, but several moons can be seen moving around in the sky, illuminated by an unknown light source. Outside the glass, it is possible to see a massive field of bushes stretching infinitely. All of the bushes have yellow fruits growing on them. The bushes aren't growing on solid ground. Instead, there are infinitely many branches under them. Trying to go down towards the branches causes the Wanderer to be pushed up by an unknown force.

In the center of the area under the dome, there is a large tree, Several large yellow fruit grow on it. Wanderers who have seen the tree unanimously describe it as "beautiful", "majestic" or "outstanding"

Entrances And Exits


Strange roots sometimes stick out of the ground in places you wouldn't expect to find them. When examining the roots, you may see gaps between the roots or small tunnels. Going through these gaps and tunnels will lead you to level 770. In some areas that have significant root expansion and growth, the tunnels there may be behind wooden doors or trapdoors.


It is possible to return just by following your steps backwards. Noclipping causes you to end in level 39 next to two trees. It is likely that these are the same trees Jason originally went between.

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